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FracSolution Technologies develops a perf ball with compression strength exceeding 10,000 psi, more than doubling the industry average threshold.

JUPITER, Florida, May 14, 2015, After years of research and development, FracSolution Technologies is poised to set a new industry standard in the “plug-and-perf” fracking arena with its newly developed perf ball.

This eco-friendly perf ball has been customized for various types of wells throughout the United States and Canada, promising increased efficiency in the drilling process.  Pressure test results have also shown these perf balls have exceeded the standard compression threshold, withstanding over 10,000psi.  “Not only have we made quality perf balls customers are extremely happy with, but we are able to offer them at a fraction of what our competitors charge,” explains Mike Wait, VP of Marketing at FracSolution Technologies.

FracSolution Technologies is currently in mass production and has enough product to satisfy the current needs of the oil industry nationwide.

For more information, please visit: www.FracSolutionTechnologies.com

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