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JUPITER, Florida, 5/19/15, FracSolution Technologies has developed cost-effective, biodegradable frac balls to keep fractured holes open prior to the extraction of shale and natural gas.  The new balls are designed to withstand varying levels of heat and pressure and exceed the industry average compression threshold.

“We are able to customize our frac balls for specific well site specifications,” explains Mike Wait, VP of Marketing at FracSolution Technologies.  “On top of meeting our customer needs from a quality standpoint, we are able to provide our frac balls at a fraction of the cost our competitors sell their own versions for.  In essence, you could say we are fracking cost.”

FST has also developed perf balls for the “plug and perf” application as well as other products, all aiming to provide quality fracking solutions at a lower cost to the consumer.

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Mike Wait
FracSolution Technologies, LLC
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