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MagicPay’s solution enables merchants to accept credit cards in person, over the phone, or online at the point of sale. Local currencies are converted into USD with no foreign transaction fees charged to the customer.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, May 28, 2015, The announcement by MagicPay Merchant Services of their Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing solution is sure to cement their position as the dominant force in the credit-card processing industry. Now businesses of all types will be able to expand their credit-card acceptance to include countries all around the Globe with over 120 currencies represented. Credit Card Processing has always been crucial to the success of a business, whether it be offline or online. The capability to accept foreign currency at the point of origin has the potential to increase the bottom line of these businesses exponentially.

MagicPay.net takes on the tough challenges that other merchant services companies shy away from. Individuals within certain industries are considered high-risk and find it difficult to accept credit cards, let alone in over 120 currencies. Oftentimes, when they are accepted into a merchant services program they are subjected to very high fees. All that is changed with the High-Risk Solution offered by MagicPay. Their team of specialists have been able to match high-risk clients with the banks who will accept these types of accounts. Typically this would include: moving companies, electronic cigarettes, drop shippers, hotels, memberships and others.

Even merchants with poor credit have a great chance of being accepted into one of MagicPay’s programs. Next-Day Funding is only the beginning, and it gets better. The company reports that they provide several Gateway Features, such as: Virtual Terminal, Web & Mobile API, Customer Database, Fraud Management, Multiple Users Management, and Recurring Billing. “We are here to provide a solution that is different and unique to a problem that has been troubling merchants for years; currency exchange concern with international clients” says Rami Levi, a sales manager at MagicPay.

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