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It seems as if history may be repeating itself. Some Real Estate Professionals even say the United States may be entering into another housing bubble all over again…

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – July 9, 2015, Real Capital Ventures, a Real Estate Investment Firm has announced today that they will officially begin expanding into the Caribbean and South America in search of better investment “waters” as the US housing market seems to have already risen to pre-2008 property prices. Private investors and investment firms have made millions of dollars taking advantage of bargain deals, purchasing at unbelievably low prices and then renovating and renting the properties with a great ROI. However, as with any boom, “bargain deals” become harder to find and any smart investor will begin to look into other avenues to make the same, or even a better return on their money.

Real Capital Ventures, whose CEO is Antonio Naddeo, specializes in purchasing dilapidated houses on behalf of their clients, and turning it into a viable steady income stream via renting the property after purchase and renovation. A spokesperson for Real Capital Ventures was quoted as saying, “Many businesses and people here in the US cannot cope with the instability, inflation and rising property valuations. It takes a certain skill to know when it is time to cash out and move to better territory.”

Real Capital Ventures is based out of the United States and Dubai, and seem to be one step ahead of the crowd. In fact, as of press time today, it was also announced that Real Capital Ventures have already put a strategic business plan into action with an approved budget of a $50 Million dollar investment into South America and the Caribbean. The project(s) have also already been approved by the Board for Residential Projects.

During a recent press conference, Antonio Naddeo, CEO of Real Capital Ventures was quoted as saying, “We only look to invest in stable countries. Stability is the key to success. There are also other hidden issues that must be investigated such as Legislation and other legal loopholes that can/cannot be used to protect ours’ and our clients’ investments. We use statistical data and real life experience to choose only the best investment products for our clients, period.”

Becoming an owner of an investment product that will bring you solid returns every month isn’t hard to do, if you know the right financiers. Many people choose the stock market which is often referred to as a Casino. Purchasing a house, renting it out and letting it appreciate may not be such a bad idea after all.

For more information on Real Capital Ventures and how you can get involved and start profiting, go to their official website by simply clicking here or by following the link: http://realcapitalventures.com
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