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The new buzzword: “Stop Buying Seminars, Start Buying Houses”. Newly revealed investing strategies proven successful.

Newport Beach, California, July 10, 2015, This is the dawning of a new age in Turnkey Cash Flow Real Estate Investing. The days of attending those Cash Flow Real Estate Seminars only to be upsold to multi-thousand dollar programs are over. PathToProfits.com clearly has a better way. They do all of the hard work so the Real Estate Investor can maximize their profits in a shorter amount of time. Let’s face it, locating a suitable property for a Flip takes time and know-how. Getting appropriate funding sometimes falls through, and doing the rehab work takes time and money. There are always surprises during the rehab process, like discovering a new sewage drain field is needed, or some similar costly discovery.

The Path To Profits team has got it all figured out, and that makes the lives of real estate investors a lot easier. They take care of the headaches, and the investors realize greater ROI’s. Right now, they are providing access to great deals and cheap financing. Path To Profits has “boots on the ground, and hands in the dirt” in the top cities in the country where an investor can still buy houses cheap, make double digit returns and profit from cash flow, equity, and appreciation as well the tax benefits. They buy, professionally rehab, lease and season every property themselves before they ever hand the deal over to a client. They only sell houses they are comfortable owning themselves. The bottom line is to stop spending so much on seminars that there is no money left to invest.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained their financing approach: “Traditional bank financing just doesn’t really work for most turnkey deals. And hard money is simply too expensive to make leveraging the deal worthwhile. But because the quality of our properties is so high, one of the nations largest hedge funds/lenders has agreed to give you terms unavailable to anyone else. Unlimited deals at 75% LTV, 5.75% Interest and a 30 year amortization. As a sophisticated investor, you know that means you can benefit from double digit ROI’s, and use cheap money to maximize your leveraged returns.” He goes on to say: “Unlike the guys that come through town promising funding for your deals, P2P gives you access to real money, at incredibly competitive terms. It’s the very definition of a win/win. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.”

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