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“New Life Disaster Relief (NLDR) was started by Ken and Dawn Wetzel, who survived Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They chose to remain in the area to help rebuild, founding NLDR.”

Biloxi, Mississippi, July 12, 2015, Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters to ever hit the United States. August, 2015, marks ten years since Katrina ravaged the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It is hard to imagine that anything positive could come out of such a disaster. Yet there were people that became channels for God’s work, and not only helped to rebuild physical properties, but they were there to help support spiritual needs. When Ken and Dawn Wetzel came to the realization that God selected them to survive Katrina while so many others perished, they knew what they must do……..Start a Ministry to seek, organize and provide disaster relief while at the same time spreading the word of the Gospel. Thus was the birth of “New Life Disaster Relief”, and networking on a spiritual level. Many lives were changed for the better, and that includes the volunteers themselves. They have enriched their lives by selflessly giving of their time and talents to help those in need. God rewards those types of people with a special kind of “joy”.

Many disaster relief organizations popped-up after the storm, but now 10 years later, not many are still in operation. NLDR is proud to still be standing, and providing aid where needed. Out of their modest headquarters at Biloxi Christian Church, folks come from far and wide to volunteer themselves to the Mission. Surviving entirely on Donations, the ministry has evolved to include ministering to volunteers, responding to disasters, and distributing donations to the community. The many accomplishments of NLDR did not go unnoticed. None other than President George Bush gave recognition for their volunteerism on the 1st Anniversary of Katrina. As word spread of the commitment and compassion of NLDR and its volunteers, the 2nd Katrina Anniversary included a feature segment on Good Morning America for community rebuilding after Katrina. According to NLDR, it’s not about the recognition, its about the relationships. Through the relationships formed serving the community, NLDR and its volunteers have and continues to bridge racial and economic barriers.

So, people do take notice of honorable and selfless acts performed to help those in need of aid. Without donations, this work could come to a halt. This must not happen, and good people will make sure that God’s work will continue to flow through New Life Disaster Relief. After all, by enriching other’s lives, one will enrich their soul. “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

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