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Over 28 brands of Menstrual Cups are reviewed. The site features a huge FAQ Section to educate consumers.

Madison, Wisconsin, July 16, 2015, Women have been Menstruating since the dawn of time. The only thing that has changed is the way they care for themselves during this period of time. Various devices such as Tampons and differing types of surface applied absorbant soft pads can be used. Women have varied likes and dislikes, and they’re menstrual situations are not the same. Certain points are to be taken into consideration when choosing how to handle one’s period, including: comfort, odor control, leakage control, cost, and are they environmentally friendly.

One available device is the Menstrual Cup, which has been available for many years, and there are hundreds of brands on the market. When they first were introduced, the limited materials to manufacture them yielded a product that was a little too rigid, not so comfortable, and was costly. Things have changed, and there are a great many brands to choose from. One problem is that some of the cheap imports are not reliable, and can: tear, swell, leak, and not fit correctly. An advantage is that no string has to be hanging out when it is worn. There is even a brand of disposable menstrual cups on the market.

MenstrualCupReviews.net has established themselves as the preeminent authorities on this issue. They have reviewed over 28-brands and display them on their website. Additional brands are under review and will be posted as they are completed. One of the sections of the site that is extremely helpful is the Frequently Asked Questions pages. This is not just a few questions, but a detailed categorized web section. Categories include: General Use, Insertion, Removal, Cleaning and Care, Menstrual Cup Size, Features, Medical & Health Issues, and Warranty, Shelf Life, and Guarantee. There are also some videos on the site to help explain about the use of these devices.

For complete information, please visit: MenstrualCupReviews.net

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