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New website of the offshore financial advisory firm extends reach to cater to globally distributed client base.

Plano, Texas, July 17, 2015 – Offshore asset protection and investment options in decades past were largely viewed as financial tools for sophisticated investors which were inaccessible to members of the general public. However in more recent times, this perception has changed, largely due to the efforts of advisory firms who have done a lot to bring these financial tools to the public domain.

Harbor Financial Services, is one of such firms promoting these tools to a wider audience, most of whom are still largely unaware of the advantages offshore financial options provide. The firm’s efforts have also seen it attract an A+ rating from the Dallas Better Business Bureau in the financial services category with no record of complaints leveled against the company by its clients over the course of several years.

The company has just launched a new website aimed at spreading the offshore solutions message to a much wider audience of clientele across the globe. Harbor Financial Services uses the advantage of the several years of experience it has gathered in this domain, to offer solutions that range from offshore banking, offshore trusts and offshore investments to a number of less popular but equally useful options in the offshore financial services industry.

While the new website offers various features, a notable one is the ability to adapt to different client screens regardless of whether the website is being viewed from a small screen such as a phone or a tablet device, or a large one such as a laptop, desktop or even a 42-inch HDTV screen. Other features include the ordering options, which allow clients who already know what they want, select various products and services and then proceed straight ahead to pay for their selections.

The ability to review the products and services offered by the company will be available soon on the website in an aim to provide a better customer feedback mechanism for clients coming from a global audience. Several older options provided by the company such as its United States and offshore office presence in Bahamas as well as various phone numbers and contact addresses will equally allow newer clients a variety of options with which to contact the firm for one-on-one consultations or recommendations.

According to several senior employees at Harbor Financial Services, the new website is one of several initiatives aimed at maintaining its premier rating in customer satisfaction and also educating the general public about the advantages of the offshore solutions it provides.

About Harbor Financial Services:

Harbor Financial Services is an offshore financial solutions provider rated as an A+ financial services firm by the Dallas Better Business Bureau. Over the course of several years the firm has offered its clients access to the security, safety and privacy of offshore solutions that provide options from asset protection to financial growth.

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