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Leading offshore financial services provider, Harbor Financial Services, reviews and revamps its existing website to improve overall client experience and cement its status as a premier provider of offshore financial solutions.

Plano, Texas, July 17, 2015 – For several years, Harbor Financial Services has helped its clients secure their wealth and assets from risk by offering offshore financial protection solutions that offer privacy, security as well as shelter from regulatory restrictions as well as litigation and predatory action by unfriendly third parties. The firm’s clients have been able to take advantage of its expertise to leverage legal structures such as offshore bank accounts, IBCs, trusts and investment vehicles to guard against various forms of risk.

The security and peace of mind Harbor Financial Services has given its clients over the years, eventually resulted in the firm’s recognition with an A+ rating from the Dallas Better Business Bureau, which notes that no complaints have been recorded against the firm in several years of doing business with members of the public.

Recently, in order to better improve user experience and solidify its status as an offshore financial services provider of choice to people in the United States and the world over, Harbor Financial Services decided to upgrade its former website with a new improved version that expands on the reputation the firm has come to be associated with in its years of doing business.

The new website scales to fit any screen, regardless of whether it is being viewed from a 42-inch HDTV screen, an iPhone or an iPad. Also, purchase and order options are better streamlined and take into account the complexity of products and services offered by Harbor Financial Services as well as the different client requirements in selecting and ordering options that pertain specifically to their needs.

Clients will now equally be able to leave reviews and feedback about the company’s products and services to better inform the client-satisfaction process and improve on the existing stellar record and A+ rating.

“While we appreciate the fact that our clients consider us a first class provider of offshore financial and advisory services as is reflected in our Dallas Better Business Bureau rating, we really wanted to improve the service experience by revamping the website and offering clients better ease-of-use, ordering and feedback options”, says Sam Hall, the President of Harbor Financial Services.

In addition to the new website offering, Harbor Financial Services continues to maintain toll-free and international contact phone numbers, to service the diverse range of clients it deals with across the globe, ensuring access to advisory expertise in offshore asset protection, regardless of where those that have need of such services may be.

About Harbor Financial Services:

Harbor Financial Services is a premier provider of offshore financial advisory solutions. HFS maintains its headquarters in the continental United States as well as an offshore office in Nassau, Bahamas, providing its clients with tailored solutions that utilize offshore vehicles to protect their assets and resources from exposure to various forms of risk.

For complete information, please visit: Harbor Financial Services

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