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The SAT test can also make a huge difference when it comes to offsetting tuition through scholarships.

San Francisco, California, July 21, 2015, SAT Test Prep is the last thing on most teenagers’ minds when last school bell rings for the year, but summer is a crucial time to find the right ingredients for college acceptance. Most teens are preoccupied with getting a summer job or internship, but the odds are that SAT test prep outweighs the importance of finding a summer job. It turns out that the SAT might be the gateway to earning more per hour than any other activity or job they could do right now.

For most colleges, the critical elements most looked at for admissions are grades, SAT/ACT test scores, extracurricular activities, and personal statements. Many state universities are mainly numbers driven and focus primarily on the first two. In either case, the SAT and ACT (whichever yields a better result) may carry as much weight as all the grades from high school combined. It’s important to find a SAT Test Prep Course that can yield higher scores that result in many benefits.

It can make a huge difference in which schools one gets into and it’s the one thing that can make or break an application. It’s also the one item families can tilt the scale on and increase their chances of getting into that desired school. While there is variation among majors and career choices, the benefit of going to college for most people is straightforward. Hourly wages and lifetime earnings tend to be about double for 4-year college graduates, and can be as much as five times greater for specific majors, and for those who pursue master and doctoral degrees, mostly in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Not only that, but the SAT test score can make a huge difference when it comes to offsetting tuition through scholarships. College admissions expert and SAT Master Coach Daniel Herzberg helps teens get their SAT scores up. He noted that at many private schools, the cost of college can drop substantially when a student pairs their academic record with strong SAT scores. He states, “I have helped some families save the entire cost of tuition for college, or approximately $200,000, at top schools like Stanford and Brown.”

A strong SAT score translates into a reduced debt-load upon graduating, and a faster path towards financial independence. Herzberg added, “I’m always amazed at how most teens and parents are not sufficiently informed about just how much the SAT matters for college admissions. Not only that, but high grades and SAT scores can go a long way towards determining how much financial assistance a family will receive, even for families that think they won’t qualify for financial aid.

Sometimes parents find out too late that the friendly local tutor wasn’t really strong on the material or able to connect with their child. “That’s why I created the Accelerated SAT Mastery Program with Live Expert Coaching, I’ve worked with over 7000 students over the past 23 years. My proven system works, and since it’s online anyone can access it. I go beyond just instruction. Most programs treat the SAT as information to be delivered to the student, like simply pouring water into an empty cup. Kids come to every learning experience full and need to be engaged with to ensure they really do learn and can apply that knowledge. The SAT is all about reasoning, not memorization, and that requires real integration”, says Herzberg.

For this reason Herzberg built his SAT test prep course around engaging students to learn using his 12 online and offline proprietary motivational, engagement, and integration systems. They range from individual coaching, group coaching, live office hours, test anxiety coaching, parent updates on progress, accountability tracking, and even personal career planning.

In many ways the decision to get started with SAT prep at the earliest possible time can largely determine a young person’s options after high school. Herzberg says, “If your teen is serious about going to college, they need to get on it. Back when I applied to college, no one spelled this all out for me. I had to figure it out myself. That’s why I want to make sure families have everything they need to get the results they want–a thick envelope with an acceptance letter from their top school.”

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