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“Following Safari’s lead in 2014, Google Chrome will now pause Flash ads in favor of HTML5, starting in September. If currently employing Flash rich media display campaigns, Google Chrome will, by default, pause them from playing. This means that they won’t animate on impression; they’ll only animate once a user clicks.”(1)

Marina Del Rey,California, July 26, 2015, David Edeburn will be launching his new creative agency, ShiftRGB, in response to Google’s announcement of their decision to pause Flash Media from playing upon the pages’ impression. This will be an action by default, and will commence September 1, 2015. If the site visitor wants to view the video, they will have to click on it to animate. ShiftRGB will specialize in creating HTML5 Display Advertising for Ad Agencies embarking on the transition over to HTML5 display ads.

According to Performics, “Whether in search or display, Google is constantly evolving to provide better consumer experiences. HTML5 promises better experiences as it’s faster, more mobile, more interactive and more dynamic than Flash. Advertisers making the move to HTML5 in display will be able to create experiences that deliver more conversions at lower costs. HTML5 has become the gold standard for interactive content. Advantages include: Faster browsing speed and less power consumption (e.g. longer battery life) versus pages that contain plugin content like Flash Ads, Interactivity features that enable richer ad creative, Mobile support (most mobile devices, including iOS devices, don’t support Flash). This is critical as mobile usage overtakes desktop.”(1)

David Edeburn is uniquely qualified to head-up the new creative agency, ShiftRGB.com, after all, he has excelled in creating high impact ads for youth marketing and driving engagement with a proven track record of up to 27 times industry standard click through rates on banner ads, mobile ads, and rich media ads across devices such as cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers. He is currently the Motion Director / Lead HTML5 Display Ad Animator at Petrol Advertising. ShiftRGB.com is comprised of Agency veterans with a combined 30-years of Ad Agency experience working with hugely successful brands and campaigns (many fortune 500 companies).

For complete information, please visit: www.davidedeburn.com

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David Edeburn
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2. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/in/davidsedeburn?goback=