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The gaming world stood-up and took notice when “Meteor Rush” hit the Google Play Store.

Merseyside, United Kingdom, July 27, 2015, Sybertek Studios was pleased to announce the release of their new game app called “Meteor Rush”. Sybertek’s new release was much anticipated by gaming enthusiasts as soon as word got out that they were working on “Meteor Rush”. Industry insiders have pegged it as the next blockbuster action app, and fans have rated it with a slew of 5.0’s on Google’s Play Store. Some game apps only have the power to hold a person’s attention for a limited time, but “Meteor Rush” is a game that users describe as “addictive”, and that is certainly one of the keys to success in this arena.

“Meteor Rush” is Fast, Intense and quite Addictive. It can be played as a way to pass the time, but take heed, it will be difficult to put down. The game play is quick and will keep users on their toes. Easy to panic while dodging through a meteor storm and asteroids, but don’t forget to fill-up with some rocket fuel, even if it means taking a huge risk. The built-in counter will keep track of the player’s highest score and a social media share feature enables competition among friends and family.

The current version of the game is 1.1, and was updated on July 23, 2015, with updated analytics. “Meteor Rush” is 9.7M and requires Android 2.3 and up. Soon to be available in the iOS format. The content is rated 3+, and the game is Free. Player Reviews are all that is needed to see that this new game app release is going to take-off to the stars. Take a look at what Rob Needham has to say, “Perfect game! Got this game to pass a quick few minutes when bored. Already found myself playing it for hours last night. Very addictive.” Kel Mitch made these comments in his review, “What a game, all my kids have got it, it’s about time someone with brains developed a proper game for young kids, I recommend it.”

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