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The Miami Sushi School is offering a two month intensive program consisting of two professional levels studying under the tutelage of the renown Chef Hiroshi.

Miami, Florida, August 5, 2015, Aspiring South Florida Sushi Chefs will be happy to know that Miami is getting its first ever Sushi School. The Miami Sushi School will soon be opening its doors, and is now accepting applications from all those interested in the world of Sushi preparation. The first class is scheduled for Monday, September 21, 2015. It doesn’t matter if the person is a Sushi lover, or a wannabe Sushi Master Chef, all are welcome. This is an outstanding opportunity to study under a well-known and accomplished Sushi Chef. Anyone can become a Sushi Chef in 2 months(9am-1pm), or also 4-hour one day Sushi or Japanese food class on weekend. Imagine working in a Sushi Bar preparing your favorite dishes for people and actually getting paid for it.

The Miami Sushi School has a clear Mission Statement: They want their students to have the skills and confidence that the food they prepare is going to be healthy and appetizing to the palate. Students will be taught to understand authentic Japanese food, integrating its culture and history into each part of creating the individual’s masterpiece: A Sushi Roll worthy enough to be known as authentically Japanese. Chef Hiroshi will teach students to be like doctors, with the ideology that: “Food is like medicine.” The school reports that the course will include: Basic Sushi Professional Skills I, Learn the Ingredients Using Basic Japanese Food Preparation, Week 1: Orientation, Week 2: Sushi Roll Ingredients, Week 3: Basic Roll Making, Week 4: Advanced Roll Making and Advanced Cutting Techniques, Basic Sushi Professional Skills and Knowledge II, Basic Skills and Knowledge to Become a Sushi Chef, Week 5: Fish Ingredients, Week 6: Gunkan Sushi Making, Week 7: Cutting Sashimi Technique, and Week 8: Sushi Bar Simulation.

Chef Hiroshi was born in Osaka, Japan. He knew he wanted to become a Sushi Chef at a young age. He had a dream of becoming a chef and moved to Tokyo to pursue his dream. For over 20 years he worked at various restaurants throughout Tokyo and Chiba. In 1997, he had his eyes set on moving to the United States to take a bite of the Big Apple and moved to New York City. In NYC he worked at various restaurants such as the Kabuki and Yamaguchi Japanese restaurants as Head Sushi Chef. After a while, he moved to Miami feeling the need to get out of the cold and experience Miami’s vibrant atmosphere, and has worked at various restaurants such as Sushi Hana, Matsuri, World Resource Café, and Toni’s Sushi Bar as Head Chef. Chef Hiroshi also volunteers in the community teaching, yoga, and tai chi.

For complete information, please visit: The Miami Sushi School

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