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Service that is being offered allows users to compete with other sellers on ebay that sell identical products by automatically lowering prices.

Tualatin, Oregon, August 10, 2015, It takes more than good luck to become a successful eBay seller. There are millions of people selling products on ebay, so sellers need an edge to compete and be a winner. Granula-soft has launched their new eBay Seller Repricing Platform, thus providing an edge to all those sellers savvy enough to appreciate what this platform has to offer. It does nothing less than create a new paradigm in the world of eBay selling. This is a chance to become uber competitive, and at the click of the mouse. Granula-soft allows the possibility to compete with other sellers on eBay that sell identical products by automatically lowering prices. Users can choose a suitable price changing strategy. The service allows users to add any eBay listing that they wish to compete with, manually or semi automatically. Sellers can try it for two months free of charge.

The vast majority of sellers on eBay overlook the importance of utilizing a pricing strategy. The Granula-soft platform levels the playing field. Small vendors can now compete with large vendors. The platform was developed to be user friendly and easy to navigate. This is a feature rich platform, and users can take advantage of: Quick Set Up; All that needs to be done is to click on the mouse, follow the instructions and eBay sellers will be ready to start the repricing process, Highly Secure; Only the most advanced security protocols are employed to create a secure data environment, Improved Margins; Users can set their own rules and strategies which will improve exposure and raise margins, Frequent Repricing; Allows sellers to respond to competitors’ price changes immediately.

The company reports that there are only Seven Steps to begin an advanced phase of selling on eBay: Register, to be able to make use of the platform. Login, and visit the Dashboard, where users can manage their account as well as products and strategies. Enable Repricing, all it takes is a click in the Dashboard and make some choices. Listings, a click on the “Listings” link is all it takes to download all product listings from the seller’s eBay account. Manage, simply fill-in the minimum price, the maximum price and the strategy. Manage Competitive Listings, choose the listings to compete against. and Search Products, Users can search for similar products on eBay.

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