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Last Cast Apparel is a new Startup that is trying to change the fishing apparel industry. They’re fed-up with basic T-shirts emblazoned with company logos that provide no benefit for the angler, and fishing apparel that can cost an arm and a leg.

Milford, Connecticut, August 17, 2015, People fish for different reasons. Some people fish for food, some for the pure enjoyment of the sport. Fishing is as American as apple pie. It provides people with time to unwind from the pressures of life and a way to relax or simply have fun, and fishing enthusiasts love every minute of fishing with each other, their family and friends. Jack Marchese is a guy that is so crazy about fishing that he will go every chance he gets and he is really wild about bass fishing. Just the sight of a fishing boat on a trailer going down the road, makes him want to go fishing. He wanted to create fishing apparel that can be worn at the last cast and beyond. They are perfect for both fishing and social outings, and a great way to express one’s love of fishing. This line provides the style of a T-shirt, with the functionality and comfort of a fishing jersey. His new line of shirts is called the “First Cast” line, and as they attain funding, they hope to make even cooler shirts with additional functionality and style.

Fishing has different meanings for every angler and for Jack, it is so much more than just casting a line into the water. Jack cares for his autistic twin brother Joey, who has lived with him throughout the planning and developing stages of the Kickstarter Campaign. He hopes to use “Last Cast” as an outlet to expand upon Autism awareness, which is estimated to effect 1 out of every 68 people. Jack plans to one day be able to hire his brother and others on the spectrum in order to give them a chance to earn a fair wage and work for someone who understands their issues and needs. Fishing has proven to be a positive therapy for his brother, who shows his immense enjoyment as he awaits a fish to bite the bait. The designs are based on lures in every bass anglers arsenal. From plastics, to terminal tackle, an angler can relate to the entire design.

Everybody is invited to check-out the Kickstarter Campaign and be part of something new and great. As “Last Cast Apparel” grows, so will their support for Autism Research and Education. Funding is sought for the formal launch of this line, and to begin marketing campaigns and production of the first run of T-Shirts. Easy to see how this saying came about: “Take a man fishing and you entertain him for a day, but teach him to fish and you will introduce him to a lifetime of joy”. Eating fish is healthy, and the look on a kids face when he is reeling in his catch is worth a million bucks. All those who sponsor “Last Cast Apparel” will receive a great reward.

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