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Prof. Spira invites all for an extraordinary glimpse into the healing power of a mucus-free lifestyle! He was able to lose 110-pounds and alleviate many physical health disorders. He became the expert on the Mucusless Diet.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, August 19, 2015, Fans of Professor Spira will be happy to know that he has published his much anticipated book, “Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System – Volumes 1, 2, & 3.For the first time, in one convenient resource, are the Dialogs and Essays, along with other writings, that will take the reader on a journey to wellness via the Mucusless Diet. Professor Spira explains how mucus is the bane of humankind, and how it can be eliminated and controlled.

Professor Spira became a world renown authority on the Mucusless Diet after learning about the work of Prof. Arnold Ehret and his mucus-free diet. Spira gazed into the mirror one day, and did not like what he saw: A 19-year old that weighed a whopping 280 pounds, and a body replete with health problems. He was at his wits’ end, how could he deal with: Daily Migraine Headaches, Frequent Ear Infections, Sleep Apnea, Painful Acid Reflux, Allergies, Joint Pain, Yearly bouts of Bronchitis, Constant Cold and Flu-like Symptoms, Dry Itchy Skin, Chronic Constipation, Ear Infections, and Bad Body Odor. There is nothing he did not try in an attempt to self-cure: Tylenol and Advil almost everyday, Over-the-Counter Cold and Flu Medicines, Daily Prescription Medications, Pepto-Bismol after Most Meals, Penicillin for Bronchitis and Ear Infections, Fiber Supplements for Constipation, Lotions for Skin, Extra Strength Deodorant for Body Odor, and Diet Pills/Supplements to try and Shed Pounds. Perhaps you can relate to this situation.

He had no concept how the mucus forming foods he was consuming played a huge part of his lack of wellness. All he knew was that if he continued on this path of self-destruction, he will surely die. Fortunately, fate had a better idea, and in 2002, Prof Spira met with a fellow professional musician that had adopted a lifestyle that changed his life, and helped him overcome his illnesses and give him endless vitality. His friend had faith in Spira, and told him he could do the same for himself. He told him about two books written in the early 1900s by a German dietitian, Prof. Arnold Ehret, who ran successful healing and detoxification clinics. For over 100 years, his written works and teachings have touched the lives of thousands of health-seekers pursuing higher levels of vitality. Ehret’s most famous books, Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting, continue to increase in popularity as plant-based, vegan, and raw-food diets become more prevalent.

Professor Spira, the “Man In The Mirror”, was able to make a radical change in his dietary habits. As a result, he lost over 110-pounds, lost 7-inches from his waist, got off all pharmaceutical medications, overcame his chronic migraines and painful constipation, no longer suffered from constant cold and flu symptoms, disposed of his C-Pap Oxygen unit, and got rid of all of his fiber and diet supplements. It was as if he was reborn, and in great health. His family and friends took notice, and wanted to know his secrets. Soon he set out on the path to help others transform their lives as he did.

Prof, Spira’s books and lectures on the Mucusless Diet have become “must-reads” among health conscious individuals.Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System – Volumes 1, 2, & 3, is 334 pages of information that will become the blueprint to better health for many people. A small sample of the subject matter includes: What is the Mucusless Diet Healing System?, What foods are pus and mucus-forming?, How has the Mucusless Diet helped numerous people overcome illnesses thought to be permanent?, What does it take to practice a mucus-free lifestyle in the 21st century?, Why is the transition diet one of the most misunderstood aspects of a Mucus-free Lifestyle?, What transitional meals are best when you crave your favorite mucus-forming foods?, What is the secret cleansing practice that helped his clients eliminate pounds of waste in one evening? He also is active in mucus-free lifestyle coaching and consultation services.

There are reams of reader testimonials that praise Prof. Spira’s new book. Here is what Danny Michael, a Natural Health Consultant & Dietary Scientist has to say, “I’m definitely impressed. As simple as you kept much of the language in the text, the writings resonate with me on a much deeper level. The reading forced me to reassess my personal perspective on the subject, and served to challenge all that I previously held to be true. I have much more work to do! Thanks again!”

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