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This is not a sales event for more seminars or coaching. It is a live training event on actual real estate techniques that work in today’s market. Come, relax, have fun & learn.

Newport Beach, California, August 20, 2015, There are always techniques to make money in real estate, it just takes a little marketing savvy to reap some profits in any type of market. Not many people have the background and education to excel in real estate investing, such as buying and flipping homes. Fortunately, nobody has to go it alone thanks to the folks at PathToProfits.com, who are in the business of training people how to recognize the great deals and how to develop proposals that result in closed deals. Their new strategy is called Turnkey Cash Flow Real Estate Investing, and they claim they have a better way. They urge people to reconsider attending those expensive Real Estate Seminars only to be upsold to other seminars costing thousands of dollars. It makes more sense to save the money for actual deals.

PathToProfits.com clearly does have a better way. Imagine having access to great investment properties, the most competitive financing in the industry, and all the education anybody could ask for Free of charge? They are coming to the Dallas, Texas, area and holding 5 Free workshops. These are not sales pitches for more education, coaching or training. There is no bait and switch. They’ll provide attendees with honest straight forward strategies that work in today’s market. The Path To Profits team will also have investment properties investors can buy on-site that earn up to 22% ROI, and financing is included as low as 5.25%. Just for attending this life changing event, investors will receive 3 Free valuable real estate investment tools: The P2P Training Day Kit, The P2P RE Forms Thumbdrive, and The P2P 55-Day Quickstart DVD.

Mark the calendar for August 27, 28, 29 & 30. Take your pick of times and locations in the Dallas area, but don’t forget to pre-register. Stop worrying about financing real estate deals. Attend this training day event and have access to the best financing in the industry from one of the nations largest investment property lenders. Imagine having access to $500,000 to $2,000,000 Line Of Credit For Flips. Gain access to their preferred national lender who will grant you a line of credit to use for short or long term flips. It’s at better than market rates, and (as long as you’re not in current bankruptcy or foreclosure) is available to you exclusively as a Path To Profits student. Why is this single aspect of the event a game changer? Because there is no cost or obligation, and it’s non recourse deal-based funding that requires underwriting based only on the deal itself, NOT your personal credit or financial information, and it’s only available at the event.

Attendee Testimonials show just how successful this training day event can be. Take a look at what Tarei Salvado, a Verified Training Day Graduate has to say, “The training was like drinking from a fire hose. I could use about 10 more days with Al and Dan. But the best part of the day was being able to meet with your team and buy one of the cash flow turnkey properties you brought. It’s a better deal than I can get on my own, and I didn’t have to do the heavy lifting. Lets do more!”

For complete information, please visit: PathToProfitsEvents.com

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