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“The natural therapy system that combines a forensic science approach with one’s intuition to release pain, stress and long-term conditions fast.”

Melbourne, Australia, August 27, 2015, Marisa Russo has gained world renown for her skills as an International alternative therapist, professional speaker, and author for women’s health and transformation. It wasn’t always this way, as her experience is a story of physical and emotional abuse that started at an early age. It was no small feat for her to discover how to emerge from this dark place to become an abused women who helps abused women. She was able to shed the burden of the abuse she experienced at the hands of her father, and eventually developed the revolutionary alternative approach known as “Forensic Healing”. Marisa cured herself of the emotional trauma built up after years of such abuse and the accompanying depression and self-loathing. Marisa spent decades desperately seeking to overcome and escape the chronic pain, fatigue, addictions and illnesses. She has walked the walk, and now teaches other healing practitioners her methods.

Her passion is to help women break free from the negative impact of their past to enjoy the life they deserve. There is a process that takes place while removing the effects of physical and emotional abuse as well as the stereotypical conditioning that has been ingrained in a women’s psyche. It involves the reconnecting of a women’s ability to feel and know answers, solutions, and guidance that will direct them to safety, truth and empowerment. “Forensic Healing” is a structured approach to find the Who, What, Where, When and Why of a person’s condition: relationship stress, financial blocks, health conditions or anything that causes stress or pain in life.

Imagine living forty years with the agony of thinking you are worthless, and will amount to nothing. She learned how to clear her karma and past life baggage. Marisa was able to channel the innate energy that flows through all souls and take control of her life, and developed the ability to “read” other peoples “energy fields”. This is why her patients have experienced such dramatic changes in their lives. During a recent interview, Marisa made these comments, “I know what it’s like to want to take your own life. There are women out there who are struggling with deep wounds and it’s my mission to help them heal. I am a testament to what’s possible, if I can heal, anyone can.”

The client testimonials show how much they loved their experience with Marisa. Take a look at what Diane Page Jordan, Portland, OR, a TV Host and News Anchor, had to say, “Absolutely life-changing. After an amazing clearing, I live without fear. I can breathe. I feel free to trust and dance for joy!” Belinda McShane made these comments, “Thank you for your genius, your gift and for being in your power and your light, so that we can step into ours.”

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