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Do people really need an Apple Watch? The answer is surprising. Features an in depth review of the Apple Watch (both pros and cons) – and discusses the benefits of owning one.

Middleburg, Florida, September 1, 2015, Sometimes all it takes to make a good idea into an incredible idea is a little innovation. Apple hit a home run with the new Apple Watch, which created a new paradigm in the world of body worn devices. Sales have far exceeded expectations, and the analysts are excited about its future growth. The watch is not cheap, so people are expectedly cautious about making the purchase. GraciousWatch.com announced this week the launch of their new Apple Watch Blog Page. Anything to do with an Apple Watch can be found on this page. The site has become a global standard reference for unbiased watch reviews.

It took only one day for Apple to break the one-million watches sold milestone. The public is going nuts over this watch, and it bears some explanation. Incredibly, analysts predict that sales will reach and surpass the 36-million mark in its first year. Apple has produced another well planned product, and loaded it with power. In fact, the Apple Watch is equipped with an S1 chip which is equal in power to the chip used in the iPhone and iPad. Battery life is an impressive 18-hours. Users have the option to choose from 10 different watch faces and they can be customized. A unique technology was employed so that the watch can differentiate between hard and soft touches and react accordingly.

The Digital Crown helps to rotate, scroll, zoom in and out and navigate precisely without touching the screen. The health industry is very much interested in the health and fitness-tracking capabilities of this smartwatch. Right out of the box it is able to measure heart rate every 10 minutes and will store it in the app. All done with heart rate sensors made of green LED lights paired with light-sensitive photodiodes. A wide range of health related apps are in development at this time. This extraordinary watch also offers features found on smart phones, such as Messaging and Calling, Wi-Fi and GPS functionality, and users can also browse the Internet. Apple Watch also offers a wide range of bands, in several colors.

According to GraciousWatch.com, the built-in apps include messages, mail, phone, activity, workout, music, Siri, and camera remote. Users can even create a more refined experience by customizing to their own personal preference. It has apps for social networks, department stores, travel, news, food, and so much more. This watch will keep users moving and helps them track their progress through its Activity app, which measures activities throughout the day as depicted by the Move, Exercise, and Stand rings. Since its release in 2014, the Apple Watch has become the best selling wearable device and was included in Time Magazines list of 25 Best Inventions in 2014.

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