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The aim of the game is for the main character, Jim, to reach the mystical Jade Monkey at the end of the game without falling down a pit and dying.

Perth, Australia, September 9, 2015, Game enthusiasts will be happy to hear that Jackie Dickenson has released an all new mobile game app called “Swing Jim”, and has created quite a stir in the Game App Forums and Blogs. The game is an endless runner 2D arcade style game. Jimmy Kelly, the games character, is an Indiana Jones adventurer/treasure hunter type character and the aim of the game is for Jim to reach the mystical Jade Monkey at the end of the game without falling down a pit and dying. It starts with Jim being chased by a bloodthirsty tribesman who initially falls down the first pit as the player uses a whip to swing safely over the pit fall. It’s a very simple, but addictive game and it’s Free.

“Swing Jim’s” main character must venture deep into the Amazon jungle, where lies the legendary Lost Temple of the Jade Monkey. A mysterious and powerful artifact, for those who hold it, untold riches await. Who can help Jimmy Kelly make it past the ancient tribesmen, swing past the pitfalls, and steal the Jade monkey? Or will this quest be the last ever heard of Jimmy Kelly? The game is available in the Apple App Store and from Google Apps. “Swing Jim” features: Beautiful graphics and seamless game play, Use your whip to swing over pitfalls and outrun the bloodthirsty tribe that’s chasing hot on Jim’s heals, Test your skills to beat over 10 levels and collect the 65 diamonds and the Jade Monkey, Collect coins and diamonds on your journey and use them to purchase upgrades, such as ‘Perfect Pit’, or ‘Perfect Whip’. Download now for Free and join Jim in this addictive endless runner arcade adventure.

At Jackie Dickenson, maker of this app, their Mission statement is clear: “We aim to make iOS and Google Play applications that make your life easier and more entertaining. Apps across different areas within the smart application world, making apps that make your work easier, your life less complicated and your boredom level lower.” With new apps being released every couple of months, be sure to check the website often.

For complete information, please visit: JackieDickenson.com

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