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The “Donald” learned early in his Real Estate Investing career to seek the advice of experts. The Boston Real Estate Investors Association is showing ordinary people how to create wealth the way Donald Trump did.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, September 20, 2015, Donald Trump has always been a role model for Real Estate Investors everywhere, especially Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, he is a master at making deals, but he is also a master of seeking out and learning from the advice of experts. This is especially true in the field of real estate investing. Think about it, does it make sense to spend thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars learning the hard way, or does it make more sense to join a group like the Boston Real Estate Investors Association. This is an organization of like minded individuals to come together and share their ideas and experiences, and more importantly, the advice and teachings of professionals in this field.

In Donald Trump, “Think Like a Billionaire”, he made these comments, “Real estate is at the core of almost every business, and it’s certainly at the core of most people’s wealth. In order to build your wealth and improve your business smarts, you need to know about real estate.” Attending Seminars and buying the same tired books will not do the trick. In these high tech days, doesn’t it make sense to harness the power of the Internet to help streamline and automate the processes that are required to do more deals. The good news is that there are systems that can be set-up, and technology that can be used to generate more leads. This is what it takes to make the quest for successful real estate investing more reachable by everyone.

By joining The Boston Real Estate Investors Association, members have access to the top experts in Real Estate Investing, such as Duncan Wierman. Known by many as “Mr. Lead Generation”, Duncan is one of the nation’s foremost Marketing Strategists. He is a full time investor and his business revolves around using automated systems so that he can do less work yet make more money. Duncan uses internet marketing with social media and mobile marketing along with specialized software to attract buyers, sellers and investors. This method has allowed him to do hundreds of deals without ever leaving his desk.

During a recent press conference, Duncan had this to say: “The absolutely, positively, most important knowledge you need is not about buying houses .. It is about “MARKETING YOUR REAL ESTATE ABILITIES”. There are 100’s of ways to do a deal, but if you don’t have LEADS you have NOTHING. It’s time to face reality. You are not in the real estate business… you’re in the business of marketing! If you want to prosper as a real estate entrepreneur, you require a totally new set of marketing skills. Skills you’ll never get from any “Traditional” source.”

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