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There are many different kinds of E-cigs; A person may get a totally different experience in terms of  taste/flavor/vapor from one E-cig to another.

Chicago, Illinois, September 22, 2015, E-Cigs, aka Electronic Cigarettes, are a relatively new phenomenon. It used to be a horrendous experience to try to quit smoking for most people, and only few could succeed. All that changed with the invention of electronic cigarettes. People can now experience smoking without smoking. It is called “Vaping”, where a vapor is inhaled without all the harmful chemicals found in real cigarettes. In fact, there are over 1000 chemicals in a regular cigarette. Over 300 chemicals are known to be very harmful, several are poisonous. E-cig cartridges and e-liquids are available in different Nicotine strengths, which is the key to quit smoking the easy way.

Along came Magic Mist and they have shaken-up the E-cig industry. They have become the dominant force and have made their competition very anxious. Magic Mist really makes it obvious that all E-cigs are not the same. When people start vaping they normally buy an E-Cig kit which could vary from $10 to $50 or even more. However, they may not like the flavor or taste of that E-cig and might conclude that E-cigs are not for them. People often mistakenly think that all E-cigs are the same. And to even try a different E-cig, they think that they will have to buy a whole new E-cig kit again. Magic Mist solved this problem very conveniently and cheaply for people. Since Magic Mist carries compatible products for over 70 E-cig brands, people who had not enjoyed other brands of electronic cigs have had great success with this line. Without investing in a totally new kit, people can buy just 1 pack of Magic Mist Compatible cartridges for their E-cigs and get a totally different experience in terms of taste/flavor/vapor. The introduction of different flavors has made a big difference in the success of “vaping” products. Further, availability of different nicotine strengths has helped even heavy cigarette smokers to dramatically cut down their consumption by tapering off the nicotine strength until they are not using any at all.

Most cigarette smokers realize that they have a habit that could be fatal, but they feel powerless to make an attempt to quit. They should be encouraged to try E-cigs, it is a life changing experience. As these nicotine addicts reduce their nicotine intake, their body begins to rebuild itself. Nicotine cartridges are available from 24mg to 0mg. The lungs are capable of cellular regeneration, and this means fresh oxygenated air will be able to benefit their body. Their red blood cells multiply as they carry freshly oxygenated blood to all parts of the body, this is the tissue cleansing effect that makes all the difference in the world.

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