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Hailed as the fastest, easiest way to buy business internet services.

Delaware, USA, September 23, 2015, Selecting business data services can be a daunting task. With the plethora of available service providers, the costs can vary greatly. This can mean the difference in savings thousands of dollars per anum. Shopping all of the available sources for the best prices is too time consuming, so what is a business owner supposed to do? Americomms has the solution with their Telecom Comparison Portal. Unlike biased telecom sites that compare rates against their own products, Americomms provides a massive amount of comparison quotes for selection. They have become so successful at this that they now dominate the telecom comparison segment of this industry.

Americomms’ web portal makes it very easy to find the ideal service provider. Easily save at AT&T, Verizon & 50+ more and use one quick form to get the best deal. Their features are truly hassle free: Conveniently search 50+ providers at once, Quickly check pricing & speed at your location, Make an average saving of 26% vs buying direct, and Guaranteed uptime with Service Level Agreements. According to a company spokesperson, it only takes ten seconds to enter the site specifics and create a requirement. The Comparison Process is then initiated. Americomms is connected online to all of the major U.S. telecom providers. Once you enter your Name, Company, Contact Number and Email, their system checks today’s rates and electronically compares the pricing available.

Because Americomms buys business internet in bulk, the savings are reflected in the pricing. Costs are instantly generated and compiled in a convenient report for your due diligence. This appears to be the fastest, easiest way to buy business internet services. Customer testimonials attest to the fact that they are enjoying real savings, which affects their bottom line. Take a look at what David Muller, Founder and CEO of Space 905, had to say, “With Americomms we saved $2176/year on a 10Mbps Ethernet line. We couldn’t get anywhere near the prices we were offered.” Similarly, Thomas Cleman, Creative Director of Appcity, had this to say, “Being a web design company, we rely totally on our internet access. Americomms saved us $1459 per year on our 20Mbps Ethernet.”

For complete information, please visit: Americomms T1 Comparisons or Americomms T3 Comparisons

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