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TypeWrytr is an online content development tool aimed at minimizing the time and effort needed to write good quality content.

Kerala, India, October 4, 2015, Whether drafting articles, web content, or any other form of document, time spent really affects the bottom line. After all, it takes time to go through and edit each and every line that was just drafted. This has a greater impact on authors, freelance writers, business writers, web content writers and article writers than the person that only occasionally writes a blog or two. The team at TypeWrytr.com developed the solution to assist writers create finished pieces in a much shorter period of time. It really was a brilliant idea to set this up as an online platform.

TypeWrytr.com is user friendly and easy to navigate. The platform is rich with features, a company spokesperson explained the features:

  • Full English Auto-Complete: TypeWrytr provides full English auto-complete for US and British English. This means users can start typing a word and then choose from the suggestions provided instead of typing the whole word out every time.
  • Authentic “As-You-Type” Spell Checking: Unlike other content editing tools, TypeWrytr checks the spelling of each word as and when it is being typed, and not after it is completely typed.
  • Rapid Error Correction: Users can quickly go to the next or previous spelling mistake using a single key-stroke.
  • Easy Document Navigation: Users can go to the start or end of any paragraph of the document quickly using the Goto feature.
  • Document Revisions: Every time a document is saved, it is saved as a new revision.
  • Refocus Assistance: When the user comes back to a document he has been editing, the context he was in before he left is highlighted so he can quickly get back in the zone, without having to go caret hunting.

TypeWrytr.com invites all writers to stop by and check-out the 7-Day Free Trial. The average reduction in effort as claimed by the company is around 30%. They also have an effort-savings calculator on their home page where users can calculate how much they’ll be saving on a day-to-day basis.

For complete information, please visit: www.TypeWrytr.com

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