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Imagine jogging on the beach one minute and waking up in the hospital the next. No one planned this emergency or the miracle that followed. Now this mother of four needs your help to push forward in life, and amazingly she intends to dedicate the rest of her life to helping others.

San Diego, CA – October 7, 2015, It wasn’t long ago that Jessica Hoover found herself in a life or death situation. She was enjoying her daily jog down the beach when she suddenly went into full cardiac arrest and collapsed instantly. If it wasn’t for a good samaritan, she would not be here today. Many people would not stop and get involved, but for David Raasch, it was the right thing to do. He stopped to help and began CPR and brought her back to life. See his media interview here. Although she was immediately rushed to the hospital, the doctors gave her a slim chance of surviving, and if she did, with very limited brain function. She languished in the hospital for 5 days on life support, than she finally woke up and was able to speak! However, because a virus had attacked her heart, she was left with heart damage and cannot do a lot of the things that most of us take for granted – walking up the stairs now seems like an impossible task for her.

Even though she has gone through more than most of us in one lifetime, she has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to helping others. Jessica now plans on becoming a Motivational Speaker, a Certified Life Coach and has already written her first eBook, which is called: “Died: Then I Woke up; 10 Lessons I learned From Dying so you Don’t Have to.”, which is a free download available here. Jessica has one problem, one big problem. Her past and current medical expenses continue to mount, besides the fact that she needs to be there for her four children and support them as well. In her eyes she comes last, even though it is her health that is most at peril. Jessica really needs everyone’s help which is why she created a GoFundMe campaign.

During a recent private interview, Jessica was quoted as saying, “This has been one of the most trying times in my life, and also the most heartwarming time. Although I am left with limited energy and a heart defibrillator implant, the outpouring of support that I have received has given me the extra energy that I and my family need to push forward. Once my finances are in order, I can dedicate 100% of my time to helping others just like I was helped”.

Jessica has also appeared on the world famous health show “Dr. Oz”, which can be seen by clicking here. Thanks to so many wonderful people she was able to raise enough funds to help pay off some of her past medical bills and get those awful debt collectors off her back, something this wonderful woman does not need during her recovery. For someone that has never received public assistance, it is difficult for her to ask for help, let alone more help.

Jessica Hoover will never be completely “out of the woods” when it comes to her medical condition and can no longer work a 48+ hour work week. She tried and ended up back in the hospital. Jessica Hoover, a mother of four received one miracle when her life was spared, and now she needs just one more to sustain. To help deliver her one more miracle, please visit her GoFundMe campaign by following the link at: https://www.gofundme.com/yeap9k

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