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STEM Discovery Boxes are exciting packages that arrive at the door filled with amazing hands on activities that grow children’s minds through Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. (STEM)

Etters, Pennsylvania, November 3, 2015, With the Holidays fast approaching, parents are looking for possible gifts for their young children. There are gifts that teach, and there are gifts that are fun. STEM Discovery Boxes has launched their line of educational gift boxes that are both fun and educational. Boys and girls ages 7-12 love these exciting project boxes. It used to be difficult to pry their hands off of gaming devices and cell phones, but not anymore. STEM is a subscription educational/fun gift service for kids, and they can’t wait until their next box arrives. Subscription box topics include: Robotics, Motors, Hydraulics, Levitation, Alarms, Aerospace, Light, Physics, Gears, Physiology, Weather, Music, Video, Sound & more.

A company spokesperson explains that STEM Discovery Boxes teach children about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in fun, creative, hands-on ways. Each month a new box will arrive in the mail with FOUR exciting STEM projects. Children learn how things work, why they work and how to create them. They will build, explore and test all kinds of experiments and contraptions using activities built for their age group. Since the subscription will include FOUR projects each month, they can be done all at once or spread them out and do one each week. Their boxes are unique and provide the gift of knowledge and education that amaze and excite children.

Opening up a STEM Discovery Box can take a child into a world where they can let their imagination run wild and build with multi-colored lights, alarms and propellers. They can create their own working electronic carnival game, see the world in a new, colorful way using light and reflection and create a sound pumping, music jamming, amplifying sound system using their portable electronic devices. Race custom-built robotic bugs, build a pumping heart, and experiment with elephant toothpaste. For all those parents tired of buying their children mindless toys that get tossed aside, and tired of their kids playing on their electronic devices day and night, but would like to get their kids excited about learning, STEM has the solution.

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