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For all the great things about beards, they do require some special maintenance. Keeping them clean is a biggie.

Sacramento, California, November 4, 2015, Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity to create something special. Such is the case with Zekes Beard Wipes. They identified a need, and brilliantly filled it. Having a beard involves maintenance. It is not just a matter of growing a beard and forgetting about it. People who do not have a beard do not realize the amount of maintenance involved with having a well groomed beard. The fact is, beard hair is different from the hair on your head, and it’s definitely different from your skin. That’s why they’re excited to announce the launch of Zekes Beard Wipes, just in time for No Shave November (Movember), when hundreds of thousands of men will be growing beards and getting used to caring for them – possibly for the first time.

Surprisingly, women have been huge buyers of Zekes Beard Wipes. Crystal, wife of a beard owner, made these comments: “Every time we went out for a bite to eat, it seemed that his beard was a magnet for whatever he was eating. Now I keep some of Zekes Beard Wipes in my bag, ready to swab him and keep him looking well groomed, Thanks Zeke.”

Zekes Beard Wipes are a mobile beard bath made with essential oils, such as Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and Argan oil, specifically selected because they are the best for cleaning and conditioning beards. The wipes also include aloe, to condition skin where it can be most irritated, especially for new beard growers. The manly sized beard wipes are built to tackle even the most wiry and ornery of beards. They come in 10 packs and 30 packs of individual wipes. The 10 pack is shaped like a cigarette box so it’s discreet and easy to carry. Don’t get us wrong, beard oils and beard balms have their place. But the bar, the game, the office – or wherever you might wind up on a given evening – aren’t it. Zekes Beard Wipes are portable, practical and perfectly suited to the job of keeping your beard looking its best on the go.

Zekes Beard Wipes are the ultimate tool for growing a beard, they stand by their product and know you will too, so they are offering free samples for review and try a beard wipe. Follow their social media accounts to find out more. It is about time someone solved this mystery of how to clean a beard and simplify the maintenance required in creating an epic beard. This is why Zekes Beard Wipes was born. Giving enthusiasts the ability to clean their beard, keep it smelling fresh and all the while having a mobile wipe without the mess, and also leaving behind essential oils to better your beard in the process.

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