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In 2014, Roku was the best selling streaming-media box in the U.S.A.

Cheshire, United Kingdom, November 9, 2015, In keeping with their Mission Statement: “We are video content discovery experts ensuring motor sport fans can find and watch the best videos from content producers globally, on all platforms and devices”, RaceWorld TV has announced the addition of Roku to their video distribution platforms. Their multi-platform approach provides the most coverage of any premium motorsport video content distribution network. Roku pioneered streaming for the TV, and developed a proprietary operating system called Roku OS. In 2014, Roku streamed over 3 billion hours of content, up 72% from the prior year, and ended the year with about 7 million monthly active accounts. The combination of RaceWorld TV and Roku creates an unbeatable platform for the dissemination of motorsports centric digital media.

Marina Nicholas, CEO, said, “For motorsport content producers to flourish, they must be available to consumers on a multitude of devices. Expanding our platform availability has been a major priority for RaceWorld TV this year. We are delighted to offer our network partners extensive global reach.”

Motorsport is a crowded space, but RaceWorld TV is carving out a growing niche for itself with a video distribution strategy that assists motorsport content producers to be discovered across multiple platforms. Driving this demand is the millennial audience who increasingly watch content on mobile devices. This has resulted in a shift in how advertising dollars are allocated as advertisers prefer brands that offer a digital experience across multiple devices to reach a global audience. However, with extensive market fragmentation, seeing hundreds of YouTube channels being created daily, joining a network is key to being discovered. RaceWorld TV is positioned to become the largest motorsport centric video channel for the millennial audience.

RaceWorld TV is a motorsport-centric digital media company adopting innovative ways to connect premium brands, race teams, professionals and fans, in one destination. RaceWorld TV owned by media company, Formula Fun Entertainment, is powered by Zoomin.TV, the online video entertainment network with 14 global offices and the 5th largest MCN in the world, attracting more than 2 billion monthly video views and 100 million subscribers worldwide.

For complete information, please visit: www.raceworldtvnetwork.com

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