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TOPAZ utilizes the FillGlass Nanotechnology Coating for superior strength.

London, United Kingdom, November 10, 2015, Sometimes all it takes to turn a good idea into a phenomenal idea is a little ingenuity. Such is the case with “TOPAZ”, a second-generation iPhone screen protector released by WinnerGear. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been launched for funding to bring “TOPAZ” to the next level. This innovative product has several distinct features that separates it from all existing mobile phone screen protectors. WinnerGear has become known all over the world for their cutting edge product releases. “TOPAZ” is billed as the Strongest Glass Protector For iPhone 6 / 6S / Plus. The secret is in how it is made with FillGlass Nanotechnology. While iPhones appear to have a flat screen, in reality it is curved at the edges, therefore, a screen protector that is 3D can envelope the curves and offer the most protection.

A WinnerGear company spokesperson explains that the FillGlass Nanotechnolgy is what changes the molecular composition of the material. Normal glass absorbs dirt and dust allowing for degrading of its strength as it becomes more fragile. The FillGlass Nanotechnolgy Coating protects the glass and make it much more durable and efficient for a longer period of time. The process creates a smooth screen that is anti-bacterial and repels the marks left behind by fingerprints. “TOPAZ” features include: Smoothness, Strongest Glass, Anti-Bacterial, Edge-To-Edge, Made In Japan, 100% Clarity, Bubble Free Installation, Curved Edges, Anti Fingerprints, Dustproof and has Full Touch Sensitivity.

The crowdfunding campaign will generate funds to bring the product into the Mass Manufacturing Phase. Sponsors will be given great perks and the chance to be part of a new generation of products. Established in 2012, WinnerGear is a group of young entrepreneurs who are committed to design and manufacture new products for those people who are passionate about mobile phones. The WinnerGear team represents elements like professionalism, innovation and simplicity. Each of their products are carefully tested and verified before they are released into the market to make daily lives more convenient and simple to the core. They offer FREE worldwide shipping with no minimum order required.

For complete information, please visit: WinnerGear TOPAZ

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