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“Daniel is dedicated to making a difference in the world through his writing. Whether it’s inspiring others to become the best version of themselves, or allowing individuals to believe they’re capable of achieving anything they set their heart to.”

Houston, Texas, November 16, 2015, Daniel Q was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, quite the opposite. Throughout his childhood he was forced to witness what others had, but was elusive to him. One day he realized that through the written word he could purge himself of thoughts and desires that weighed heavy on his mind. He was compelled to delve deep into his innate capability to transfer his thoughts to paper. Daniel felt that the world isn’t the same for everybody, as he had to fight for everything he has gained in life. Daniel Q is one of the few people that rise to the occasion when faced with diversity. He would fail, dust himself off, and try again. He has not only proven himself to be a brilliant self-starter, but an excellent wordsmith as well.

His latest book, “The Kid From Nothing”, is sure to delight his fans. Pre-Release reviews contain comments such as, “I felt that I was in the room as Daniel was reading the book to me”, and “I instantly connected with his innermost thoughts, and became emotionally involved in his story”. His words show us a world we never imagined existed, a world that has motivated him to achieve everything he sets his heart to. This is a story about a person born into a life of despair, Daniel lived, breathed, absorbed pain, darkness and sorrow. But, unlike so many others who let tragedy destroy them and their future, Daniel rose up, determined to do better and be better.

“The Kid From Nothing” is the most gut-wrenching, soul-searching personal account of triumph you’ll ever read. Daniel was born a statistic by societal standards. He had nothing, a cast away as far as the ‘real world’ was concerned, yet unlike so many of those around him, he was able to make something from nothing. Witness this amazing story, walk the path that Daniel walked and rejoice in his triumphs. His journey will inspire and amaze you and speak to your soul, proving that heart, grit and determination can lead to success.

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