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“Morpheus” is unique, with several never-before-seen features. Business Model includes utilizing Wounded Warriors as a paid work force.

Winter Springs, Florida, Nov 19, 2015, DJ Belanger has, once again, changed the world of bow-hunting with one fell swoop. His Patent Pending “Morpheus” is a totally new mechanical Broadhead design that encompasses features never seen before. Since its release, the world of Archery is forever changed. Besides the technologically advanced features, this is a product that has been designed so that it can be assembled and shipped using Wounded Warriors as a work force. A company spokesperson explains, “We will be working closely with several veterans organizations to facilitate the setup in homes of wounded veterans so that they can earn a living without having to find an ADA compliant job position outside the home. Each veteran will be set up with a work station and some special tools needed to assemble the product. They will be responsible for assembly, QC, packaging, inventory management and shipping.” He goes on to say, “Each retail package will have an inspection stamp which shows the veteran’s first initial, last name, rank and branch of service, e.g. Inspected by: Pvt H. Hernandez USMC.”

This may be the first product in the world of Archery that was conceived with the premise that it could be assembled in the USA by wounded veterans of the armed forces. Imagine, “Morpheus” not only improves the sport of Bow Hunting, but it provides income to those folks injured defending America. The “Morpheus” broadhead has been receiving rave reviews, and for good reason. The company reports that it incorporates these advanced features: It has flight stabilization technology built into it, exsanguination technology built into it, uses advanced composites in its construction, and it has the greatest degree of weight adjustments, or “tunability” of any broadhead. Weights ranging from 125 to 200 grains in 25 grain increments are possible.

DJ Belanger Innovations, LLC, is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to raise funds for the Morpheus broadhead’s first production run and provide funds to set up as many veterans as the demand for the product will support. Each workstation with its specialty tools and jigs, ADA compliant workstation, computer and training will cost approximately $3,500 to $4,500 USD. The IndieGoGo fund raising campaign will launch on Nov 23, 2015, giving everybody the chance to be part of something great: helping wounded warriors and being part of the launch of a revolutionary new product. A great rewards program awaits all sponsors. The link to the campaign will be: http://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/5459c754

For complete information: www.morpheusbroadhead.com

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