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The only carry on bag in the world that utilizes a patented Vacuum Shrink Pack System to reduce the space that clothes take up and allows the user to pack more. Built-in charging capability for all mobile devices included. Billed as the solution to excessive airline baggage fees.

Port St.Lucie, Florida, November 24, 2015, Sometimes all it takes to turn a good idea into a phenomenal idea is a little innovation. Such is the case with the recent launch of “The Ultimate Carry On”, one man’s answer to the excessive baggage fees plaguing the airline industry. As a frequent flyer, Chad Efron experienced first hand the ever increasing airline baggage fees and limitations. He also observed that travelers would camp out on the dirty floors just to be able to plug-in their mobile devices. His solution was to create a second generation carry on bag that is unique in all the world. This brilliant concept bag actually has a patented built-in Vacuum Shrink Wrap System to reduce the space that clothes take up and allow the user to pack more.

Baggage Fees are an additional income stream to the airlines, this is no secret. Most people are not aware of the scope of this income stream: In 2014, baggage fees amounted to over $3 Billion, which is a bonanza for the airlines, but a nagging expense for travelers. The more bags needed for a trip, the more the fees add up. The Ultimate Carry On can save travelers the additional expense of having to check an additional bag besides the one carry on they are allowed. For people who travel frequently, these baggage fees can amount to thousands of dollars per year.

The Ultimate Carry On meets the needs of travelers in several ways. It’s ingenious patented built-in Vacuum System means the difference between boarding a plane without checking any bags, or waiting in the baggage area for that extra bag to appear. Instead of panicking when that mobile device’s battery needs a charge, and scrambling for a place to plug in the charger, this carry on bag has a high-tech charger built-in. In fact, the battery will handle 3-4 phone charges & 2 tablet charges per run cycle. With the UCO, you can charge two tablets at the same time with the 5V, 2.1A USB ports. Users love the fact the phones charge quickly thanks to the rapid charging technology.

The Ultimate Carry On LLC is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on November 10, 2015, to raise funds to bring this great new product to the next level. Sponsors will receive a selection of rewards. Funds are needed for such things as: Tooling and Molds, Engineering, Product Testing and Evaluation, Marketing, Prototypes and Mass Production. This is a great opportunity to be part of the launch of a ground breaking product that will improve airline travel.

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