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Are you one of the savvy online marketers who have discovered the great value of Press Release Distribution? If not, you are missing out on a great medium that offers returns far in excess of its costs. It is the most effective method of getting traffic to your website, and for launching new products or services. There is always a reason to do a Press Release. You can have one professionally written press release that can be sent to hundreds of News Sites. Unlike Articles, you can send the same PR to everybody without the risk of Google penalizing you for duplicate content. Quite the contrary, Google treats News Sites as Authority Sites and gives better page rankings.

Compare to Pay-Per-Click advertising, or Banners or per impression campaigns. You are going to have to invest at least $500 at a bare minimum, and that will be used up in a couple of weeks or less. What you have left after the campaign is done may be little or nothing to show for it. When you send out a Press Release, it remains active online for around one year. Think about this: For $134.95, we write and Distribute your press release with a Guarantee that it will be published on at least 400 sites. This means over 1200 quality backlinks will be created along with the keyword value, which makes it easier for the search engines to find you. That is besides being published on Google News and posted to over 20 social media platforms. So that breaks down to 34 cents per backlink, and all with a very quick response time of about a week, and it will continue to go viral and be picked-up by sites we did not even submit to.

The trick here is that for Google to recognize the News Site as an Authority Site it must be a bona fide News Site. Google does not like the Free PR News Sites, and they treat them like PR Directories and the PR’s as PR Spam. I know it sounds self-serving since we are in the business, but it is true. So make sure you use a reputable paid press release distribution service that will tell you exactly who will publish your PR. Every one of us in this industry tried those free pr services and learned the hard way that they are inferior. I am happy to show you a copy of our Submission Report and a bunch of samples that are relevant to your industry or service.

Time for you to discover Press Release Distribution.