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Springboard Equity is on a mission to democratize healthcare investing with equity crowdfunding.

Foothill Ranch, California, December 3, 2015, Springboard Equity, Inc, has announced the launch of their equity crowdfunding platform that makes healthcare investing simple. The company is dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry with the mission of bringing capital to vetted, high potential early-stage companies. Springboard engages the investor community beyond just having access to top deal-flow, through their partnership with Health Effect: advancing innovation connecting medical innovators with healthcare influencers. Many varied industries comprise the Healthcare sector. These include: Medical Device, Digital Health, Biotech, Health IT, Mobile and Diagnostics and others. A multitude of variables affect investments in this sector, which typically makes healthcare investing a challenging industry to navigate. Springboard’s team and partners have a deep history in many facets of the Healthcare Industry, and thus they are constantly reviewing new issuing companies and able to selectively identify those that are best suited as a good investment opportunity. Springboard Equity’s industry knowledge, network, and strategic vetting methodology makes the platform ideal for Investors to easily identify good opportunities with strong ROI potential, and an opportunity for them to participate in the growing knowledge of those companies to support their success.

Springboard Equity’s founder and CEO, Lyle Martin, has extensive executive healthcare experience with large companies the likes of Allergan and AstraZeneca, plus executive experience driving successful healthcare startups as well. During a recent interview, he said: “Here lies a serious challenge, and a tremendous amount of opportunity – to improve the health of humanity, and lowering the cost of healthcare through advances in technology, and sharing the financial reward in the process of doing-so. We believe in Conscious Capitalism: Making a positive impact in the health of people, and our economy.”

According to the company, since 2009, the average Investor Rate of Return in healthcare has been ~21% providing the rationale behind why the total dollars invested in Healthcare by US-based Venture Capital groups have increased 228% from 2013 to 2014. From Seed to Series rounds, selected participants of Springboard Equity become connected to a Healthcare Ecosystem, comprised of investors, clinicians, technical experts, peers, healthcare companies and professionals, and strategic buyers in healthcare markets around the world.

Per Martin: “The securities industry is fundamentally all about two sides of the same coin: raising money and investing money. Springboard makes both simple..”

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