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The Cindy Terry Outreach provides daily assistance, spiritual guidance, healthcare, scholarships, and small business assistance to those in need.

Cincinnati, Ohio, December 7, 2015, The Holiday Season has begun, and people are in the giving mood and on the lookout for a worthy cause to support. There is a reason for the saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” It is said that the giver feels more joy than the receiver. In this troubled economy, there are plenty of people and families in need, it is just a matter of making sure the funds are used appropriately. Cindy Terry has a heart filled with joy, as she has brought light into many peoples darkest days.

The Cindy Terry Outreach has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Razoo.com in order to raise funds to help as many people and families as possible. Cindy has always dipped into her personal funds to help others but would like to raise funds through donations. She has formed a Non-Profit Organization: The Cindy Terry Outreach, Inc., is organized for exclusively religious, charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Cindy’s Mission Statement is concise and clear. “To assist individuals and families in dire need of everyday living necessities: This means we will assist individuals with food, clothing, and housing that are at a disadvantage. Assistance may be in the form of monetary/financial or provision of goods. Any assistance is at the discretion of the outreach program and is determined by the availability of outreach funds.” They will assist individuals obtain higher education that are at a disadvantage. Individuals who wish to further their education but do not have the means to do so are eligible to request financial assistance to assist with tuition, books, uniforms, and anything else deemed necessary to attend school, whether a community college or trade school.

The Cindy Terry Outreach will assist individuals who are interested in starting a business that are at a disadvantage. Individuals who want to start a business, or whom already have an existing business with very slow cash flow to stay in business are eligible to request assistance. They will also assist individuals who are in need of medication that is not affordable, but is vital to their quality of life, and assist monetarily with healthcare and/or healthcare equipment that will enhance the quality of life and promote independence to said individual. The Cindy Terry Outreach will assist any and all individuals who are in need of spiritual guidance, and spiritual fulfillment.

Help turn desperation into hope: The Cindy Terry Outreach

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