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The Lawrence Kansas Municipal Court, and Judge Scott Miller are making Judicial Rulings without proper jurisdiction.

Lawrence, Kansas, December 8, 2015, It is hard to believe that certain courts and certain judges in this country, in this day and age, are proceeding to violate residents of their constitutional rights. They can get away with this time and again because most folks are not aware of what is proper and not proper procedures. As long as people do not know, these officials will abuse their power every chance they get. Guy Neighbors has spent many long hours in the Law Library and Online researching the statutes that apply and his rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Guy Neighbors has been harrassed and the subject of racial bias for quite some time in this little town of Lawrence Kansas. Officials do not like when a citizen knows their rights, and demands Due Process. If the Municipal Court lacks Jurisdiction in any case, then its orders are null and void. The problem is that one must go to a higher court for them to issue a Restraining Order for Injunctive Relief. That is what Guy is requesting in his latest Motion filed in Civil Claim Case #15-4921-DDC.

Mr. Neighbors states: “The legal problem with the Police Officer issuing judicial summons is that Police Officers are members of the Executive branch of government. A judicial warrant must be signed by a judicial officer of the court before an officer serves the summons. When Lawrence Kansas Police sign, and issue a summons, this action violates the “Separation of Powers Clause” of the Constitution.” Plaintiff Neighbors goes on to state: “Lawrence Kansas Municipal Court is a Non-Constitutional Court”, and “There are Fatal Flaws in Their Citations”.

Guy Neighbors will not back down, and is demanding: “The Lawrence police stay 20 feet from his person, and that if the the Lawrence Police perform a traffic stop on Neighbors, they will be required to contact the Sherriff’s dept. and have one of their Deputies come to the scene of the traffic stop.

Neighbors is also demanding that the Federal Court block Lawrence Municipal Court from continuing to have unlawful trials in Municipal Court until the City of Lawrence can figure a way to proceed within the Constitution. Neighbors, is demanding to have Traffic fine collection process in Municipal Court shut down until the Municipal Court can acquire Legal “Jurisdiction” from the Constitution or Congress.

Guy Neighbors has established a Blog Site so that the public can follow this precedent setting case.

For complete information, please visit: http://guyneig.blogspot.com/

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