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Roller Babes honors the women of 1950’s professional Roller Derby. Indomitable athletes who inspired millions to find independence and freedom in the world of sports.

San Francisco, California, December 8, 2015, Fans of Tim Patten will not be disappointed in his latest book release, “Roller Babes”, which captures the excitement of the early days of the Roller Derby. Imagine 1951, a time when women were expected to marry, stay and home and in the kitchen. But for a few amazing women who broke all the social barriers to become rough and tumble professional roller derby TV players. Roller Babes is the story of the brave women of 1950’s Roller Derby who wheeled across the world on the banked track, risking broken bones and conflict every day of the week. The main character is loosely based on legendary Bronx born, Loretta Behrens or “Little Iodine” from the original Roller Derby. The story themes are those told by many of these TV heroes, many who have passed.

In “Roller Babes”, Tim Patten has proven himself a master wordsmith, as readers comment that they felt as if they were sitting trackside in 1951 with Tim as he told the story. The excitement is contagious, and makes for a book that is hard to put down. This was a time in history when women did not dominate any sports, let alone one that became a phenomena. Today, roller derby continues to rage on waves of newschool enthusiasm, with over 2,000 active roller derby teams and many groups and leagues around the world. There are women’s, men’s, and coed teams and leagues dotting our world’s cities. The book’s 356 pages takes the reader into the world of the Roller Derby women. The Derby has been a trailblazer for women’s roles in our society, and has always embraced diversity of gender, color, culture and orientation. It was ahead of its time in terms of gender values.

Many folks can recall the glory days of the Roller Derby. It was one of the most exciting shows on Television, with some of the toughest women one could ever observe. Everybody had favorite teams and favorite players. “Roller Babes” draws the reader into the story, they feel as if they are part of the Roller Derby scene. Tim Patten has definitely penned the premier work on the Roller Derby story, and its participants. This is a story about courageous women, some found success, others encountered the most heart-wrenching defeat. These early athletes had no women’s studies to encourage them, yet they developed remarkable drive. Welcome to a secret world from the past.

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