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As consumers become more and more conscious of their spending habits, many have decided to tend to their vehicles themselves instead of bringing it in to the mechanic for a full checkup. Instead of guessing the correct tire pressure, OdyseaCo has made it possible to use the same quality gauges as the mechanics at a fraction of the price.

Valley Cottage, New York, December 19, 2015, OdyseaCo is in the news once again with the release of their newest product line Tiretek, which has taken the top spot on the shelves and reigns supreme as the best tire pressure gauges available on the market. TireTek is a quality automotive accessories brand specializing in calibrated mechanical tire pressure gauges and inflators. TireTek tire pressure gauges are widely used worldwide on passenger vehicles, cars, trucks, SUV, RV, ATV, trailers, lawn mowers, bikes and motorcycles.

TireTek currently has three top rated tire pressure gauges available to its customers, ensuring that each product that dons the TireTek logo is the best possible quality as well as durable enough to last decades. TireTek’s Premium and Flexi-Pro tire pressure gauges are currently listed as the top two mechanical tire pressure gauges on Amazon. All three of TireTek’s tire pressure gauges are a heavy duty, 0-60 PSI and 0-160PSI for the Truck-Pro model, mechanical tire gauges that do not rely on batteries and will continue to work in most environments. TireTek’s prices range from $19 to $24 making it easily affordable for all automotive applications.

During a recent tradeshow, the company spokesperson for TireTek was quoted as saying, “From the start we agreed not to launch lots of products quickly to try and build the brand, instead we took our time to ensure the products we launch are of high quality and thoroughly tested. On top of that we put a lot of resources into delivering the best customer service we can.” He went on to say, “We pride ourselves in making sure that each and every customer of ours ends up 100% happy with their purchase, so if you have ANY issue with one of our products – we will ALWAYS make it right.”

TireTek has been receiving rave reviews with no signs of letting up. One of TireTek’s most recent customers, Neil Miller was quoted as saying, “I really love the design and build of the gauge. The rubber tire-like design is innovative and unique from other gauges I’ve seen. The black rubber tubing is constructed very well and durable. It’s very easy to connect to the tire valve and easily removed. In addition, the gauge gave me an accurate reading 100% of the time, and is small enough for easy transport which is a plus for me! I recommend this gauge for those who want quality and consistency”

Many mechanics and EMT’s have recommended that every driver keep a tire pressure gauge in their car in case of an emergency, and TireTek has made it affordable to do so. To learn more about the TireTek brand of tire pressure gauges or to purchase one, visit their official website by clicking here or following the provided: http://tire-tek.com/

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