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Many people, especially rookies, find that Internet Marketing can be a challenging task. Before you spend your hard-earned bucks on self-proclaimed Gurus, I want to tell you that you can get the same information for Free on the Internet. There is such a wealth of info available on the world wide web that it is truly mind-blowing. Just Google a search on some of the things I am going to discuss, and loads of info sources will appear. The bottom line is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on Internet Marketing. If you have a lot of money, sure….go ahead and buy some advertising, but make sure you first do adequate testing to see if the media is productive.

It goes without saying that you need to have a professional looking site, with proper English. Don’t have your Uncle or friend do your website because they read a book about web design. An unprofessional website will kill your chance of success. You only have one “First Impression”, make sure that it is a good one. Think of your website as an investment, because that is exactly what it is. Look at your competitors websites, and see what makes them successful. Don’t copy their content, but you can surely get some good ideas.

Stay away from “Black-Hat Techniques”, they will hurt you, maybe even get your website banned by Google. Spam is not appreciated by most people, and will have a negative effect. You should have a place on your site where people can sign up for your Newsletter or a Free eBook. Now you are building an opt-in email address list that you can send offers and emails with great information that is relevant to your website’s content.

Videos are being used more and more. It doesn’t have to be done in a studio, you can even do an “explainer” White Board Video yourself and put it on Youtube. Guess who owns Youtube, Google! Videos provide excellent SEO value.

A great way to get traffic for Free is to write articles for trade journals and magazines. You will have to write a unique article for each place that you post it. Don’t forget this, or it will be viewed as duplicate content, and Google does not like that. Forget about having the articles “Spun”, where a piece of software rewrites the article with different words. Google has ways of telling if they have been Spun.

Press Release Distribution will give you the most bang for the buck. It will produce traffic more quickly than any other low cost marketing method. A Press Release campaign will produce over 1200 backlinks to your site in less than one week. This means a professionally written press release. Don’t think that a PR written by an amateur will have the same results, because it won’t. You have to know how and where to use keywords in the PR for maximum SEO value.

Do not use a Press Release Distributor that will not give you a copy of their Submission Report so you can see exactly where it will be Submitted AND Published. The cost per published press release is very low and well worth the exposure. Some people do a PR campaign once a week.

Social Media is hot nowadays. You should have a Facebook page and a presence on Twitter for sure. You can get all the info you need to join any social media platform right on their websites. You do not need to spend money on some eBook. Google about building an effective Facebook page and see the free articles that appear in the results.

So don’t be afraid to wade into the Internet Marketing arena.