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Everybody wants to be the next internet millionaire. Obviously, not everyone succeeds, so here are some tips for Internet Marketing success. We will discuss the strategies that have worked for other people and can work for you too. It is very rare to find overnight success, so plan on spending a lot of time developing what can be a lifelong income stream.

You only have one first impression, so make sure your website is done by a professional. It should “load” quickly and have a signup form for your Newsletter or Coupon Specials. Offering a related eBook is always a great way to entice people to signup and give you their email address. Don’t underestimate the value of an optin email list. Have a Blog on it and fill it with relevant content. Google likes fresh content for the best search page ratings. Yes, put some keywords in the content, but don’t be guilty of “keyword stuffing”, you will be penalized by the almighty Google. Have a strong call-to-action. Research what your competitors are doing.

Okay, let’s say you have a great website with a great URL. Try to have a main keyword as your URL, good for SEO. You need to get traffic to your site, lots of it! Your aim is to get targeted traffic, but that doesn’t mean that general traffic won’t convert for your offer. The quickest way to get a load of targeted traffic is to spend a fortune on advertising, like Pay Per Click (PPC), Banners and Google Adwords. Maybe you don’t have a fortune to spend, so let’s approach this from that standpoint. Success on the internet will be equated to the time invested. Make no mistake about it, before success is realized, this can be a full time job.

Some internet marketing strategies to consider:

Articles & Blog Posts: People have been doing this for ages, and it usually takes that long to have any effect. You can write an “original” article or Blog post that is relevant to your products or services. Remember, each article/post should be around 400-500 words, contain your keywords, and can only be used “once”. Try to post it to ezinearticles.com, or another high page-ranked article directory. First go see how other people do this. You probably heard about taking an original article and “spinning” it so it can be submitted to multiple article directories. Maybe years ago this would fly, but Google has ways to spot the “spun” copies and will nail you for it – duplicate content will get your page rankings penalized. All of this applies to posting it on your website as well.

Social Media: Get used to it, it is here to stay. Social Media pervades our culture at every turn. With the proliferation of mobile devices, social media has become the phenomena of the digital revolution. Get yourself on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler and all the rest of them. Make frequent posts and Tweets to build up your list of contacts and followers. This will become your free advertising. Interact as often as you can, but do not “push” your people to buy things from you in the beginning. Show them that you want to provide useful information like I am doing with this article. This is how you build trust and credibility.

Press Release Marketing: The good thing about Press Releases is that Google recognizes News Sites as Authority Sites and give you a better page ranking. And, you can submit the same Press Release to multiple sites. Results are within hours to about a week as it goes viral. We supply a complete Submission Report showing every place it was published with a link to that page. Do not use a service that will not show you a Submission Report before you place the order.

As far as targeting certain markets: You have to keep in mind that the Internet is Keyword Driven. This means that to Target certain interest groups, like Dieting, or certain Geographical areas, like Chicago, it is all a matter of using the correct keywords in the correct places in the Press Release or Article. This is the biggest bang for the buck in online advertising.

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