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Music is a universal language that is understood by all genders, ages and races. What started out as a little music project for a school competition ended up with a big win and sparked the beginning of the children’s music duo: Super Luke & Matt Thomas.

Lake Elsinore, California, January 2, 2016, Two eight year olds make news today for winning awards in the “Reflections” music competition that was held at Tuscany Hills Elementary School in Lake Elsinore, CA. What makes this story even more interesting is the fact that not only are the two eight year old boy brothers, but they are also twins.

Luke Thomas won first place for writing and performing the song titled, “Your Imagination Flying” and his fraternal twin brother Matt secured runner up with his musical piece, “Let Your Imagination Fly”. Both songs were said to have been very catchy and the positive response may be the reason that the brothers have become the music duo “Super Luke & Matt Thomas”. Music may be in their genes considering their father is Mark “DJ Peace” Thomas.

Their father, DJ Peace, who is also the owner of Peaceful Pop records, knew that the potential for success was there and that there is a need for positive children’s music. Dad was quoted as saying, “I realized that both of my children’s songs were catchy so I combined them into one awesome children’s song.” Susan Thomas (better known as “mommy”) proudly added: “The boys wrote the lyrics, melody and even created artwork for the album cover!”

Let Your Imagination Fly (Single Version) is the duo’s first electronic dance music (E.D.M.) record that is child friendly and sure to get everyone dancing. The single version is slated to be released on January 5, 2016 on the “Peaceful Pop Records” label. An Extended version which includes additional EDM elements was co-written by producer Damian Valentine. “Let Your Imagination Fly (Dragons in the Air)” will be released on “World Noise (E.D.M. EP)” which is the next DJ Peace album due out January 15, 2016. The EP features vocalists: Vanessa Bryan, Kyle Castellani, Kris Olsen, DJ Peace and of course, Super Luke and Matt Thomas.

As of press time it was leaked that both Matt and Luke are huge fans of Pokeman and love Dinosaurs.

To learn more about DJ Peace and his initiative to bring children’s music into the year 2016 with his son’s new song, visit the Peaceful Pop website: http://www.peacefulpop.com

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