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Dawn Clark, author of “Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene” says, “85% of people are locked out of financial success because of patterns we have within our DNA which are stored from 6 generations and our own life events…until we reprogram or recode our DNA for wealth.”

Austin, Texas, February 2, 2016, Imagine if a person’s success or failure in life can be a result of their DNA, handed down from as many as 6 generations of predecessors. Is it possible that negativity and failure can be programmed into the DNA of an individual, while at the same time ever notice how success seems to run in certain families? Donald Trump, politics aside, is a good example of this new revelation. His father was ultra-successful, and his offspring are all driven to succeed. A new science called Epigenetics has actually proven these theories to be true. A ground breaking study performed by Emory University proved that environmental conditioning becomes imprinted in the DNA and remains that way as it is passed down to future generations.

A pioneer in this field of Epigenetics, Dawn Clark, has recently published an acclaimed book called “Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene”, that has actually created a new paradigm in the world of how genetics affects all people, but more importantly, how a person can learn to “recode” their DNA and change their life around. In the course of Dawn’s 20-year career, she has helped more than 1,000,000 people unlock their wealth gene, and her groundbreaking work has been featured on 25+ TV appearances and in an international PBS Special. She has made her new book available for free to be downloaded at her website.

Dawn Clark is appearing on multiple TV shows in the upcoming weeks discussing: “Can You Really Recode Your DNA for Wealth, Health and Happiness?”. She will be explaining how everybody has a secret power that could remove all the obstacles holding them back right now. A secret power that could be used to open doors to wealth and opportunity. This power can turn off fear and boost confidence. It will even make you more attractive to others. Viewers will learn that they can actually recode their DNA for prosperity, happiness, and health. And it will change their lives forever. These very exciting presentations include Dawn sharing 3 common mistakes that people make, along with the ABC’s of how they can start recoding their DNA today.

Mark the calendar and be sure to watch Dawn who is appearing on the following TV Shows on:

Reno KOLO – Feb 8
Albuquerque KASA – Feb 9
Albuquerque KOBF – Feb 10
Tucson KGUN – Feb 10
San Diego XETV – Feb 12
San Diego KSWB – Feb 13
Phoenix KTVK – Feb 23
Sacramento KMAX – Feb 24
Los Angeles KTTV – Feb 25

Standing at the nexus of science and spirituality, Dawn brings together cutting edge research from quantum physics, biochemistry, and technology, along with her own unique insights, some of which have been informed by profound near-death experiences. People that have attended her presentations report how the revelations have transformed their outlook on life and how to achieve success. Take a look at what Jerome Conlon, Former Global Marketing & Brand Planning Dir. at Nike, VP Brand Planning at Starbucks, and SVP Marketing & Program Dev. at NBC Entertainment, had to say: “Dawn connects the dots like I have never seen them connected before. It is obvious that her knowledge comes from direct experience and goes beyond any set of books.”

For complete information, please visit: https://www.dawnclark.net/

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