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Using this cutting-edge technique, the patient can be adjusted all in one posture or in many different postures depending on their individual needs.

Kingwood, Texas, February 2, 2016, Dr. Tyler Hamel of Kingwood, Texas, has been providing his expertise in Chiropractic medicine for over 15 years to area residents. The practice of Chiropractic focuses on restoring nervous system function by means of adjusting the spine and alleviating undue pressure on the nerves that control everything that happens in the body. When the vertebrae of the spine become misaligned, a subluxation occurs. This can be the result of a workplace injury, sports, or even household chores. In some cases, the inter-vertebral spacing is so compromised that the “disk” begins to protrude causing pressure on the nerves and much pain. The conventional approach has always been a type of “hands-on” spinal manipulation, that is until newer revolutionary techniques were introduced.

Dr. Tyler Hamel of Pinnacle Health and Wellness, represents a new breed of Chiropractors who have merged conventional techniques with the newer and sometimes more effective techniques. He noticed early on in his career that some patients were reluctant to undergoing conventional techniques that involved forceful thrusts to accomplish spinal adjustments with their concomitant “popping” and “cracking” sounds. In some cases, patients would not even visit a Chiropractor because of this fear, thus excluding themselves from an all natural healing approach. When the spine is in alignment, it allows the innate God given power of the body to remain in a state of wellness, and heal itself.

The new technique, is called “instrument assisted” adjustments, and is a real game-changer, so much so that it has created a whole new paradigm in Chiropractic Care. One of the problems with the conventional “forceful” approach is that every chiropractic physician exerts a different amount of force. The results can be that a patient who does not receive a positive outcome with one physician might do better with another. The use of a hand held calibrated instrument ensures that an amount of thrust can be “dialed-in” at the most effective setting for that patient, and is a far more gentle approach. The results have been fantastic with patients traveling from many miles to avail themselves of Dr. Hamel’s advanced techniques.

Patients present themselves with a wide range of complaints, including: neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, digestive complaints, arthritis, disc herniations, migraine headaches and chronic fatigue, just to name a few. Under the leadership of Dr. Hamel, Pinnacle Health and Wellness has assembled a staff that truly cares about the wellness and overall health of their patients. He also specializes in a Nutritional approach to keeping the body in balance. Mainstream medicine concentrates on treating symptoms while Chiropractic methodology focuses on healing the cause of the problem.

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