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New online portal offers direct access to the Canadian media market to better serve U.S. advertisers and media agencies.

Carlsbad, California, February 4, 2016, Media planning and buying for the Canadian market is now simple and efficient, thanks to a new website launched by Media-Corps, the exclusive sales representative for Canada’s largest media companies. The website empowers planners and buyers with easy access to hundreds of media products in addition to valuable research and rich content. Users can also access live help from the Media-Corps team to answer questions or assist with strategy and campaign ideation. The Canadian market is unfamiliar to many U.S.-based media planners and buyers due to its different rules, governing bodies and the way Canadians consume media. Media-Corps gives anyone in the U.S. direct access to Canada’s largest broadcast, OOH, digital, print and unconventional media.

“U.S. ad agencies and ad buyers used to be at a disadvantage because they’re not in Canada and they had few options to help them access and navigate all the media and the many products out there” said Robert Laplante, President of Media-Corps. “We’re solving that problem by bringing the media market right to your screen, with extensive research, product and planning resources supported by quick and easy access to a U.S.-based team of experts who can help when needed”. Media-Corps is well-known amongst international agencies and buyers for their roster of media experts who have worked in the Canadian industry before coming to the United States.

Agencies and buyers don’t want to deal with brokers or third parties who collect fees (sometimes hidden) when transacting in Canada. Media-Corps’ solution is the only way to directly access media pricing, expert guidance and personalized service from 17 major media companies serving all major media channels.

The new website is easy to navigate and user friendly. Site visitors will easily discover comprehensive information including media kits, brands summaries, audience profile, fast facts, and rate cards. Users can also find and review special media buying opportunities according to a broad range of variables. Site developers included an innovative and really helpful searchable tool that illustrates the classification of their more than 100 represented brands according to media channels, categories and media partners and is also available to download for future reference.

Media-Corps was founded in 2007 to help Canadian media companies market their advertising offerings to the advertising community across the United States. Based in Southern California, they have offices in Phoenix, Chicago and New York City.

For complete information, please visit: www.media-corps.com

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