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Yoga Warriors is a research and teacher training program with a twofold mission.  First, Yoga Warriors provides evidence based Hatha Yoga to prevent or alleviate symptoms of Combat Stress (COSR) or Post Traumatic Stress(PTS).  Second, Yoga Warriors is committed to the comprehensive training of yoga instructors equipped to teach this methodology to veterans, military, first responders and others who have experienced PTS or high stress. 

Apex, North Carolina, February 3, 2016, The Yoga Garden has made headlines today with the announcement of the acquisition of the Yoga Warriors International (YWI) program that is designed to help veterans that are suffering from PTSD and other conditions. The Yoga Garden is a cozy Studio and RYS200/RYS300 Teacher Training School nestled in the heart of downtown Apex that Yoga enthusiasts have been flocking to because of their unique training methods and techniques.

The Founder and Senior Teacher of the Yoga Garden, Dharma Richards, is an instructor of both the Classical Hatha-Raja style of teaching as well as Kundalini Yoga, and encourages organic movement and an open heart as she routinely leads students through nurturing practices of breathwork, physical postures, and meditation. Dharma’s studies continue with her beloved teachers Chandra Om and HarDarshan Kaur Khalsa.

Yoga Warriors International was originally founded and developed in 2005 by Lucy Cimini with an aim at helping veterans and their families through the form of Yoga. After finding success, Lucy Cimini came to the realization that in order to expand the program and help even more veterans, she decided to “hand down” the program to The Yoga Garden, as they have been pillars in the industry for years and she knew that the Yoga Garden could be trusted to help bring her dreams to fruition.

During a recent event, the spokesperson for The Yoga Garden was quoted as saying, “Our mission is to foster an environment that provides harmony and balance; harmony in bringing your mind and body into closer relation to your spirit, and balance in toning the body, calming the mind, and re-invigorating the spirit in an often fast-paced and stress-filled world.” She went on to say, “The Yoga Garden welcomes everyone – whether you have a dedicated practice and are seeking to advance further in your yogic studies or schooling, or if you are simply looking to lift the stress from daily activities through a guided flow of extensive stretching. Whatever your path, we hope you will come grow with us in the Garden!”

It seems that Yoga and Veterans may be the perfect match, using an age old relaxation technique to help bring a new calm to active duty veterans and their families. The Yoga Warriors International program is an evidence-based program that helps to alleviate symptoms of Combat Stress (COSR), Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and increase the resilience of critical task performers working in high stress environments, including affected caregivers and family members by providing evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices.

To learn more about the Yoga Warriors International program or The Yoga Garden, visit their official website at http://www.yogagardennc.com and http://www.yogawarriors.com. Anyone interested in hosting a YWI Teacher Training in their area is urged to contact the Yoga Garden at their website above.

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