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“Results suggest that frequent ejaculation may decrease the risk of prostate cancer. One study, over eight years, showed that those that ejaculated most frequently, over 21 times per month on average, were less likely to get prostate cancer.

San Francisco, California, February 8, 2016, Prostate Cancer has plagued men of all ages for many years, yet there was always a simple solution, but had remained the “unspoken solution”. A Clinical study has related the act of emptying the prostate gland at frequent intervals with less of a risk of prostate cancer. It is when the prostate gland stays “full” that its contents become toxic and carcinogenic. What science is telling men is that it is healthy to “pleasure” oneself. This is a critical point, it doesn’t matter how it is done, either with a partner, or self-inspired. Some older men have reported taking medication so that they can pleasure themselves, and that is a good thing.

Some men are deterred from this act of self-gratification because it can be messy. Not any more, thanks to some forward thinking folks at the “Wank Wipes” company. Shaped like a sock to fit over the male-member, it becomes a repository for the end product of self-pleasuring oneself. It makes a messy situation hygienically controllable. Users have reported that it “makes a pleasure out of making a pleasure”. These individual personal wipes are also impregnated with natural ingredients that are healthy for the male-member.

“Wank Wipes” has announced their first round funding campaign at Kickstarter.com. This new product will take a once taboo subject into the mainstream and men of all ages will benefit. No more hesitation when the urge arises to get a little personal with oneself, everything is under control with “Wank Wipes”. Prototypes have already been built and tested (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it). Immediately following the successful funding campaign, they will begin manufacturing. This is a great opportunity to be part of a revolution in men’s hygiene. Sponsors will receive rewards.

For complete information, please visit: The Wank Wipes Revolution

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