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XNSPY, a popular employee and parental monitoring software, announces a 50% discount on all their products and services this Valentine’s Day. Makers of the software believe this will encourage more people to take a more heads-on approach toward stopping domestic violence.

Nicosia, Cypress, February 11, 2016, Makers of XNSPY, the leading smartphone and tablet monitoring software, has announced that they will be selling their products at a 50% discount. They have extended this offer for Valentine’s Day as a way to encourage people to monitor and protect their loved ones against domestic violence more proactively. All new users and existing customers that want a renewal can avail this discount.

XNSPY is a mobile monitoring software that works on all Android and iOS devices. It is meant to be used by parents as a parental control, or by employers that wish to monitor their employees. It gives the user the power of remote surveillance. With an extensive cache of over 30 features—including location tracking and call listening—it allows them to look through every aspect of their device. It is this monitoring prowess that XNSPY is looking to extend to a wider audience on Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the XNSPY team to bring about a discount during this time is their knowledge that domestic violence has historically increased during Valentine’s Day. June Harver, XNSPY’s Customer Relations Manager explains their motive: “There are more cases of reported domestic violence around mid-February than any other time of the year! So we couldn’t just let this opportunity pass by—we want people to use XNSPY as a way to protect their loved ones. For parents to look after their kids and make sure they’re not involved in dating abuse. Because victims often find themselves in situations where they can’t call for help. That is unless someone is watching over them.”

XNSPY has a number of monitoring systems that enable the user to be aware of the other’s location, surroundings and correspondences. Features like these can allow the observer to know if their loved ones are in trouble, or in need of help; especially in times where they can’t convey it themselves.

Chief Marketing Officer at XNSPY, Penelope Jennings had this to say, “The discount is just a way of reaching out to people and saying, look, taking care of people who could be victims of domestic violence is so easy, playing your part is so easy. The more people get on board, the sooner we can end domestic abuse.”

The fresh batch of shocking news reports around Valentine’s Day is not unheard of, but it is the sudden upsurge that has proven to be worrisome. The XNSPY team already encourages parents to use their product as a way to prevent cyberbullying. So it is of no surprise that they wish to apply these monitoring principles onto another issue, especially during a time when a spike is forecasted.

“I don’t think enough people have found a more proactive method to end domestic violence, especially because it is a behind-closed-doors kind of issue,” says Sean Polinski, MPD at XNSPY. “That’s where monitoring comes in, that’s why we want parents and family to step in and take charge. If they fear their loved ones are in danger from their partners, install the software on their phones, and take care of them, step in when you need to.”

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the XNSPY team is hoping that the discount will help them reach out to a wider audience and accomplish what they have set out to do—combat domestic violence.

XNSPY is a mobile monitoring software that works on all Android and iOS devices. It records data from the device it is installed in and uploads it onto a web based control panel. To find out more about the app, log on to www.xnspy.com

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