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Neil Waterhouse is an eBay Multi Million Dollar Seller and the author of “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home – A Step By Step Guide”. His strategies are referenced across the World Wide Web.

Sydney, Australia, February 15, 2016, Many Australians have dreamed of building their own eBay empire. To become financially independent is a worthy goal, but to achieve it is not always so easy. That is until now, thanks to noted eBay Selling Expert, Neil Waterhouse, who has announced one of his blockbuster 1-Day eBay Seminars – “How To Build a Million Dollar eBay Business”. What better person to learn the ins and outs from than one who has built several Million Dollar eBay Businesses himself. The eBay Seminar Arena is full of wannabes and self-proclaimed Gurus. Neil is the real deal, some of his credits include: eBay Multi-Million Dollar Seller, author of best seller “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home”, eBay ‘invited’ guest speaker, Alibaba ‘invited’ guest speaker, and Professional eBay Sellers Alliance ‘invited’ guest speaker.

eBay Seminar attendees will be amazed at what they didn’t know about selling on eBay. Neil Waterhouse presents his information in such a way as to become a Step-By-Step Blueprint to actually building a Million Dollar eBay Business. Everything involved with selling on eBay is covered, from “How To Sell On eBay” to the nitty gritty of what to sell on eBay, the top selling items, Dropshipping, sources for new and used products – even how and where to get free inventory to sell. Attendees will learn how to find products in China, and how to import them hassle-free.

Neil will reveal hundreds of eBay Selling Tips. Just one tip can easily double sales. Mates along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia should mark their calendars for May 14, 2016, and make plans to come to Sidney to learn how to build a million dollar eBay business from home without spending a cent of their own money or borrowing any money. Neil reports that over 460,000 people have left their jobs and now run full time eBay businesses.

Attendee Testimonials have been phenomenal. Take a look at what Dr. Chaminda Gunathilake, of Queensland, Australia, had to say: “Thanks Neil, the seminar was great. The same night, I made a few changes to one of my listings and it jumped from the second page to mid first page”. Rob Bateman, of Melbourne, Australia, made these comments: “Excellent seminar Neil as always. Love that we can ask questions and share information along the way in a comfortable, relaxed manner. Thanks for a great day!”

For complete information, please visit: “How To Build a Million Dollar eBay Business”

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