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San Diego, California, February 17, 2016, Realstir announces the launch of a new feature on their real estate platform that allows buyers to try a home before they buy. The concept of TBYB (Try Before You Buy) may completely transform the way potential homebuyers shop for their future home. After all, you get to try-on a $20 pair of shoes before you buy them, you wouldn’t think of buying a $40K vehicle before taking it for a test drive, yet you settle for a 10 minute walk through on one of your largest lifetime investments, that you raise your family in.

Realstir’s innovative way of searching for a home may be just what the industry needed to expedite the sales process and overcoming the “if only I could” or what we call buyer’s remorse. The personal and emotional connection of a buyer who is on the edge of making a decision but yet still needs that one last push, may be resolved through TBYB. The buyer gets to experience a sneak peak of their future lifestyle for the day or overnight to capture the unique features of home that he/she may not see in an open house or a walk through. The result may help the buyer from making the wrong decision or identifying some of the home’s characteristics that could confim their right decision.

On the other side of the equation, the seller also benefits in the sense that they can showcase the home with this strong marketing tool; a live, real-time brochure that expedites the seller’s decision while the seller has an opportunity to earn a bit of cash.

Buying a home is an emotional decision, known fact….TBYB is the solution.

How it works: Buyers can locate their desired home for sale through realstir’s platform and request a stay package; which realstir will initiate the request with seller’s agent and the seller to turn the home into a TBYB home. The seller sets the overnight rate and available TBYB dates. Although each home pricing varies based on the property, realstir will help guide them based on their past experiences and market successes to assure that the arrangements are “win win” for both parties.

The final agreement will be between the seller/agent and the buyer; realstir acting as the middle-man offering tools of communication, insurance to protect both buyer and seller and the technology to make the transaction seamless and easy.

About the company: realstir Inc, founded in 2014 is start-up technology company out of San Diego, CA. They have raised approximately $3.5 million in funds to develop a marketplace that feeds the needs of the on-demand market in real-time.

Realstir houses 1.6 Million active listings on the platform (mobile and web) which enables every active listing to become a TBYB home. Prior to booking, the site offers detailed description of the property and the surrounding area, including photos and estimated price ranges for neighboring properties, crime, school and all the valuable information that a homebuyer needs.

Realstir’s Try Before You Buy has been received well by both consumers and agents. Just through a number of unsolicited published articles abut Try Before You Buy they have gained traction of buyers and sellers and agents on their national site allowing consumers to poke around and view up to date national listings in addition to using “live chat” and communicated with agents with general localized market questions.

To learn more about realstir, find what your home’s worth, find listings and get the latest localized real estate news, visit their official website at http://www.realstir.com or download the apps from Apple Store or Google Play and explore.

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