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“After 3 months of treatment with L-arginine, cognitive function improved significantly in all subjects. The authors concluded that L-arginine treatment improved cognitive function by increasing Nitric Oxide levels, and reducing oxidative stress and its concomitant inflammation, or both.”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 28, 2016, L-arginine is a very important semi-essential amino acid. That means it can be produced by the body, but is often needed in larger quantities so the body relies on extra supplementation via the diet. The most important characteristic of Arginine is that it is a precursor to the molecule NO (nitric oxide), which is a vasodilator. One of the characteristics of NO is to regulate vascular tone, ensuring the flexibility of blood vessels and a healthy cardiovascular system. Increasing Nitric Oxide levels has many benefits. Clinical studies abound that expound on the virtues of L-arginine and its byproduct – Nitric Oxide.

One such study, published in the journal Exp Gerontol. 2004;39:1245-1248(1), concluded that Basal cerebral blood flow is dependent on the nitric oxide pathway in the elderly. Simply stated, impaired blood flow to the brain results in increased symptoms of Dementia. L-arginine has also been proven to: combat arteriosclerosis (calcification of the vessels), treat male intimacy issues, encourage healthy muscle growth, strengthen the immune system, improve insulin resistance in cases of diabetes, and improve the blood flow in capillaries (e.g., in cases of tinnitus or hair loss).

While L-arginine is available as a supplement, not all formulas are the same. The marketplace is replete with cheap imported compounds that are sometimes laced with impurities. Potent Organics has released a very potent L-arginine formula that is also safe, and Made in The USA. Their formula is one of few that also contains L-citruline, another potent precursor to Nitric Oxide, and also other ingredients that will improve uptake into the body. It’s all about bio-availability, and Potent Organics developed a formula that helps the body absorb these vital nutrients. Just having an ingredient on the label does not mean there is enough of it to have a therapeutic effect. Researchers at Potent Organics made sure each ingredient is in the correct dosage to elicit the desired effect.

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